Ermioni - Old Village

Whilst visiting Ermioni, it is worth exploring the Old Village of Ermioni.  It still has a certain authentic charm about it.  The locals are very friendly and welcome visitors.  Wander through the small backstreets and see the local villagers at work and play. 

In the Old Village visit Vivi and her family at the fresh fruit and vegitable shop, who have a good selection of fresh produce daily. It is convenient for the elderly local residents and supporting the local traders is important, or it will be yet another business that closes down, which would cause certain hardship to the elderly villagers who may not have transport.  Many businesses have already closed down, even the famous Holy Gyros* souvlaki shop has re-located to Pefkou (Pine) Square, behind the Limani port.  Today, the Old Village comes to life during the numerous annual religious festivals that revolve around the two main churches. 

The Old Village is the site of the original modern town of Ermioni, that was built on the slopes of Pronos Hill during the 18th to 19th centuries, located within the Venetian Kastri defensive walls.  Some larger properties were further fortified, like the present Museum of History and Folklore, to repel ruthless marauding bands of pirates that attacked many coastal settlements during the period of Ottoman occupation.  To find the Old Village, head uphill from the Limani harbour towards the churches of Taxiarches (Archangels) and Panaghia (Holy Virgin).  You can also follow the Ermioni museum direction signs from the Limani main square up to the Old Village museums and library. 

Visitors who need to connect with the world, there is the Ermioni Library which opened in 2008, offering free wi-fi connection.  The library is situated in the corner next to the Village Hall and the fresh fruit and vegitable shop, through the metal gates, alongside the original Kapodistrian village school built in 1888.  Many Greek books are available in the library, with a selection of European books to select from.  The success of the village library has been thanks to private donations and volunteers.  The library is usually open 18:00 - 20:30 Monday-Friday, 10:00 - 12:00 on Saturday.  Admission: Free

The Ermioni Museum of History and Folklore is located behind the garden with the three Mitsas' family memorial statues, adjacent to the Taxiarches church.  It is set in a renovated 18th century building that was used for the Third Hellenic National Assembly in 1827, during the Greek War of Independence.  The museum is spread over two floors, with the upper floor being the place where the actual National Assembly took place.  The museum is open throughout the year, however, it is run by volunteers who sometimes don't get chance to attend.  Open most evenings 19:00 - 21:00 during July and August, except Monday and Tuesday, and most public holidays.  Admission: Free

The Ermioni Toy Museum opened in August 2013 and has a good display of traditional and historic toys from the late 19th and mid 20th centuries.  The Toy Museum is located behind the Panaghia church, in a restored traditional 2-storey building.  The museum has a selection of old metal and wooden toys, a traditional Greek puppet theatre, a selection of figures and dolls, compulsory school uniforms and school books from years gone by.  It is worth a visit whilst you are in the area.  Open in the Summer months, 19:00 - 21:00 and most public holidays and festivals.  Admission: Free 

The Old Village has two Orthodox churches, the 9th century Byzantine Taxiarches (Archangels) Metropolis church and the newer 1920's Panaghia (Holy Virgin) church, which are both beautiful inside, decorated with wonderful paintings, frescos and icons.  The priests for both churches are Papa Yiannis (Taxiarches) and Papa Dimitrious (Panaghia), father and son, who both welcome visitors to attend service, or just look around.  Regretably, the churches are only open during services and cleaning, whilst someone in authority is present. The largest festivals are Easter (Paskha) in the Spring, The Dormition - Sleeping of the Virgin (Panaghia) in August and Taxiarches Day in November, which is only celebrated in Ermioni.  Click for all Festivals in Ermioni dates.

*O Mastoras (the Master) gyros-bar, which many regular residents and visitors to Ermioni enjoyed, and fondly referred to as the 'Holy Gyros', sadly closed in the old village.  Costas and Yiota relocated their gyros-bar to Pefkou (Pine) Square in 2012, behind the Limani main street.  Following their retirement and under new ownership from 2020, O Mastoras continued to serve tasty pitta-gyros wraps, kalamaki's, gyros merida's, chicken 'specials' and fresh Greek salads.  The new owners decided to close the business mid-April 2024, selling up completely, including all catering equipment, fixtures and fittings.  We are left with many fond memories of the Holy Gyros.


Ermioni Old Village
Ermionida Argolida Peloponnese
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Locals sitting outside the old 'Holy Gyros' in the Old Village Old Village commercial centre by the Panaghia church Old Village fruit and vegetable shop The original Kapodistiran School built in 1888 New village library opened in 2008 Village library interior where free Wi-Fi is available Ermioni Museum of History and Folklore courtyard  Mitsas' Memorial in the Ermioni Museum gardens Ermioni Museum interior Ermioni Museum interior Old Village street leading up to Taxiarches church Typical houses in the Old Village backstreets Old Village street leading down to the sea Hellenistic walls in the Old Village opposite Taxiarches church Recently restored exterior of Taxiarches church Agioi Taxiarches - Restoration carried out in 2016 Taxiarches (Archangels) church interior Panaghia (Holy Virgin) 1920's church interior Panaghia church in the Old Village of Ermioni  Ermioni Old Village proximity   Toy Museum located behind the Panaghia church Traditional Greek shadow puppet theatre in the Toy Museum Old school uniform and school photographs on display Large scene of Ermioni children and their toys at play