Posts include information about Ermioni, Ermionida and the Argolida region

Criminals Rob ATM in Ermioni

In the early hours, around 04:00am, of Saturday 2nd December 2023, thieves robbed the National Bank ATM, located just outside the AB supermarket in Ermioni.  Police immediately rushed to the scene, recording the unprecedented event in Ermioni.  According to testimonies of local residents, there was a strong explosion at the ATM and three or four men were seen extracting a large sum of money, making a 'quic

New Monument In Ermioni

A new monument was unveiled to fallen aviator Squadron Leader Michael Papamikhail in Ermioni.  The ceremony was held on Saturday 18th November 2023.  The monument is in memory of the late Squ.Ldr Michael Papamihikhail, born in Ermioni on 12th June 1935, who died on 1st November 1965 in the line of duty, aged 30, whilst servi

50th 'November 17' Anniversary

Members of the public and student groups started gathering at the building of the Athens Polytechnic University in central Athens from Thursday, during a three-day commemoration of the 1973 Student Uprising, which marks its 50-year anniversary this year.  The annual event will be commemorated with a big rally in the city centre on Friday 17th November.  Road traffic will be restricted grad

Taxiarches Day in Ermioni

Taxiarches Day is celebrated as an annual local holiday on the 8th November in Ermioni.  On this day, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast day of the Synaxis* of the Taxiarches and Archangels Michael and Gabriel, including Raphael and other spiritual and heavenly orders.  Following an early morning church service at the 9th century Byzantine Taxiarches Church in Ermioni,

Ermioni Post Office Closure

The Hellenic Post Office in Ermioni will officially close from Monday 23rd October 2023.  There had been rumours of the Ermioni ELTA Post Office branch closure for a couple of years now, but the doors finally closed for business on Friday 20th October 2023, after serving the public of Ermioni and the surrounding areas for over thirty years from this ELTA office branch building.

Ermionida Mayor Re-elected

Following local elections held in Ermionida on Sunday 8th October 2023, with all votes counted, present Mayor Yiannis Georgopoulos (pictured left) was re-elected for a second consecutive 5-year term as the Mayor of Ermionida.  As the founder of 'Mighty Hermione', his New Democracy Party deputies and colleagues made massive steps in mak

The 2023 'Spartathlon'

The 41st 'Spartathlon' was run over the weekend of 30th September - 1st October 2023.  The Spartathlon race is a historic ultra-marathon event that takes place annually at the end of September in Greece, and is one of the most difficult long-distance races in the world.  The international Spartathl

Greek Capital

On Thursday 18th September 1834, Athens was declared the capital of the young Greek state.  It was selected as the capital from cities including Argos, Corinth, Megara, Piraeus, as well as the original capital of Nafplio.  The reasons that led Athens to finally being chosen have to do with its glorious history as the cradle of ancient Greek culture.  The decision was probably inf

Rainstorm 'Daniel'

After the July heatwave 'Cleon' and the catastrophic deadly wildfires in August, comes the destructive Rainstorm 'Daniel'.  The thunderstorms and torrential rain reached Ermionida during the early hours of Wednesday 6th September 2023 after causing devastating flooding throughout Greece the day before.

Acropolis Restrictions

On Monday 4th September 2023, Greece imposed limits on the number of visitors to the Acropolis to prevent overcrowding in Athens’ most famous landmark.  A new booking website now keeps track of t