Posts include information about Ermioni and the Argolida region.

New Sea Airport of Elefsina

A new Metropolitan Sea Airport will soon open in Elefsina.  The blueprints for the design of Elefsina's sea airport were released in 2019, designed in partnership with Pieris.Architects and Hellenic Seaplanes.  With its waterfront area, waterpark, conference centre and seaplanes that form part of the largest waterways and seaplane investment programme in Greece, reportedly to be completed and ready in 2021.  Currently under

Outbreak of Covid-19 in Didyma

It was initially reported on Friday 27th November that two people had been confirmed positive with Covid-19 in Didyma.  It seems that this was following a children's birthday party that was held in the village.  A team of EODY set up a test facility in Didyma to track down the two recorded cases and to test any more people who attended the birthday party.  After the sampling by EODY, there was an increased number of pos

2nd Lockdown extended

The Greek Government has announced that the 2nd Nationwide Lockdown restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 will be extended until Monday 14th December 2020.  The lockdown extension was expected as the number of new infections remains steadily at 2,000 to 3,000 cases and the deaths are around 100 every day, despite the second, stricter lockdown that began on 7th November.  Northern Greece has been hi

2nd Nationwide Lockdown

A second nationwide lockdown will start from Saturday 7th November, until 30th November 2020.  The nationwide lockdown was announced on Thursday to initially last for three weeks to help contain a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, its second this year, after a sharp increase in infections this week.

The Milos of Ermioni

It has been officially announced that the Milos (Windmill) on Krothi Hill, which overlooks the whole of Ermioni, will reopen in the near future as a 'refreshment room'.  The announcement was made by the new Mayor of Ermionida, Giannis Georgopoulos, from the regional office in Kranidi.  The last Mayor of Ermioni, Anargyros Lembesis, said "The cube was thrown, the Milos will reopen and we will drink our coffee up there, in

2nd phase Covid-19 restrictions

Following recent record daily spikes of Coronavirus cases throughout Greece and Europe, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced new measures to combat Covid-19 for one m

OXI Day - 80th Anniversary

This year’s OXI Day (pronounsed Ohi) anniversary marks 80 years since Greece rejected an ultimatum by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in 1940 to allow passage of Italian troops into Greece will be held without military and student parades, while ceremonies and the laying of wreaths will be held with a limited number of people for rea

Royal holiday cancelled

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands have returned home after just one day in their private villa in Porto Heli.  They headed off to the Greek sun on Friday but returned on Saturday evening 17th October.  The royal family flew out on a government plane but were immediately criticised for going on holiday when a new partial lockdown was introduced and the Dutch population was ad

Celebrations and New Lighting

An event to formally celebrate the anniversary of 2,500 years since the famous battle of Thermopylae and the naval battle of Salamis was held on Wednesday evening at the Naval Cadets Academy in Piraeus, with the leadership of the country attending.  Marianna Vardinoyiannis, a resident of Ermioni and honorary president of

Salamis Anniversary

The Battle of Salamis - 480 BC - Today is the 2,500th anniversary of the famous naval battle fought between Greeks and Persians at Salamis.  The Persian King of Kings, Xerxes, had embarked on a military expedition against Hellas, to conquer and subjugate Greece and Europe.