Ermioni Cafes & Bars

Whether you wish to go for a morning coffee, a refreshing afternoon drink, an aperitif before your meal, or an evening out with friends and family, there are numerous cafes and bars in Ermioni to suit all tastes.  Some serve breakfasts, crepes, ice cream, others offer a variety of cocktails and drinks.  Sit at the waterfront and watch the fishermen bring in their catch, see the flying dolphin bring visitors to Ermioni, or just enjoy a leisurely evening listening to music, accompanied with an exotic cocktail and a cool gentle breeze.
There is the very popular Yacht Cafe along the Limani waterfront, where you can listen to the latest music as you enjoy your drinks.  Close by, on the Mandrakia side, are a couple of 'after-hours' night clubs.  Here, if you have the energy, you may drink well into the early hours and dance away to your hearts consentMusic can be very loud,  the cars and bikes can be a nuisance, but the setting is beautiful, and you will always have a holiday evening to remember.
We recommend you take a leisurely walk, or drive, to the Milos (pictured above) which overlooks Limani Bay and Kapari Bay beyond. Enjoy the spectacular views and the evening sunsets.  Then when darkness falls, enjoy the stars and bright twinkling lights of Ermioni reflected on the still waters below.   We regret to inform you that the Milos is closed until further notice.  However, we are delighted that a new tenant will be renovating the Milos with plans to open as a cafe/bar offering various hot and cold snacks and refreshments.
Mandraki Club -  An 'after-hours' night club at the far western end of Mandrakia, situated opposite the original 'little harbours'.  Usually open from Easter until November.  The place where young and young-hearted people of Ermioni go to party, listen to the music and have a good time until the sun comes up.  Now open for coffee and drinks during the day.

Cafe Royal - An original traditional Greek 'ouzeri' cafe-bar which is popular with the local men.  A place to have a drink, play games, gamble sometimes and just be happy with spending some time with your friends.
Cafe Ermoni - A very friendly and popular venue for locals and visitors alike.  Serving a wide variety of coffee, cocktails, soft and alcoholic drinks, with a selection of crepes, omelettes and light snacks to order.  You must try one of their delicious special ice-creams. Large indoor TV available for big events.
En Lefko - A small intimate bar, with a good relaxed feel.  Playing cool smooth trendy music.  A good selection of drinks available, served by friendly waiters.  En Lefko means 'everything white'.
Millennium Bar - A popular central destination with locals and visitors alike.  Free wi-fi connection available in their canopy area across the road from the modern bar.  Popular with locals and visiting young 'yachting' people, especially on their 'karaoke' nights.
Monte Bianco -  A popular cafe, bar and nightclub situated in a central location overlooking the sea.  Great views of the Mandrakia harbour area and the island of Dokos.  Popular with the cool younger minded people of Ermioni.
Cavo Bianco - Recently refurbished.  Located next to the sea below the Monte Bianco cafe bar.  Seating area on wooden decking, with wonderful views of the islands of Kapari and Dokos.  Open for the Summer months and popular with young people.
Casa Dei - Located just above Monte Bianco cafe, the bar really comes to life in the evenings, with a great outdoor sea view terrace, offering a seating area overlooking the sea towards the islands of Kapari, Dokos and Hydra.
Karavaki - A small ouzeri bar serving assorted traditional drinks and basic home-made food and mezedes.  A choice of meat and fish dishes available.  A friendly local atmosphere with traditional Greek background music.
Gregoris - A nationwide cafe franchise that opened its Ermioni branch in June 2020.  A popular spot for anyone wanting a 'special' coffee take-away or just a place to quietly sit-and-sip their freshly brewed coffee.  Fresh fruit drinks and light snacks are also available
Mellos - Cafe, Food and Patisserie opened in May 2021.  The ex-Kanathos cafe/bar is a small intimate cafe and bar, serving a variety of coffee, assorted drinks and snacks throughout the day and evening.  Popular with the local residents.
Spirandreas Cafe - A small 'cafe and sweet shop', which is proving very popular with locals and visitors alike, who fancy 'just-a-little-something' extra just before or after eating out.  Also open in the mornings for fresh coffee and snacks.
Yacht Cafe - The most popular all-day venue for young people on the Limani waterfront.  Great drinking and music atmosphere, sometimes provided by a visiting DJ in the evenings.  Offering a choice of tasty snack meals.  Open-air and sheltered seating available opposite the cafe next to the sea.
Wesud -  A trendy wine-bar and deli that opened in August 2022 along the Limani waterfront.  Their motto is "We sud or We should, we are in the south and we should eat, drink, laugh and live. We are a restaurant, deli, wine bar and pastry cafe open all day and ready to please you in every way".  Seating available for New York style brunch, salads, pizzas, snacks, coffees, wines and cocktails.  
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