ROCK CLIMBING: The Argolida region has some of the best climbing in Greece with the greatest variety of cliffs, best climate, easiest access and the most bolt routes on the mainland.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.  Close to Ermioni you can rock climb at Thermisia Castle (Lizard rock), Katafyki Gorge, the pre-historic Franchthi Cave opposite Kilada and the caves at Didyma.  For further information about rock climbing, click on the picture on the left.  


WALKING: There are numerous walking routes around Ermioni, which offer the walker beautiful natural countryside surrounds with sea views from the coastal and hillside routes.  The best time to enjoy walking is between October - May.  The climate is mild throughout most of the Winter months, and during Spring, colourful flowers are in abundance making it a photographers paradise.  Katafyki Ravine is only about five kilometres away from Ermioni.  From here, you can walk all the way to the beautiful village of Fourni.


BIKING:  You can rent assorted bicycles, scooters and quads from Rent n Ride in Ermioni.  An ideal way to see the beautiful countryside around Ermioni.  They offer various types of two and four wheel transport on daily hire, with a delivery service.  Contact Alex on +30 6972 469359 or  Check their website for all types of transport available to rent.  Rent n ride can be found on the rising backstreet opposite the AB supermarket, where you can see their large range of rental bikes.


WATERSPORTS:  At the nearby holiday resort of Porto Heli, which is only 18 kms from Ermioni, one can enjoy many types of watersports like water-skiing and windsurfing and small sailing boat hire.  Check the following website for more information about water-skiing:    There are two official small boat hire services available within Porto Heli, however, there are none in Ermioni.  Larger yachts, sailing boats and flotilla charters are available from the charter companies in Athens, Piraeus or the nearby island of Poros.  Poros contact: Greek Sails Ltd.  Tel: +30 2298 023 147  www.

The famous 'Kallianos International Diving Centre' that operated from the small islet of Kapari has ceased due to the retirement of Dimitris Kallianos, after operating for over 20 years as a diving/scuba service in Ermioni. We wish him a long and happy retirement.

SCUBA DIVING: Once-stringent and enforced scuba diving regulations for Greek waters have been lifted, eliminating diving depth limits and allowing diving at archaeological sites and sunken ships.  This loosening of restrictions follows the passing of a 2019 bill in Parliament easing scuba diving laws to encourage the return of international tourists to Greece following the global coronavirus lockdown.  Prior to the passage of the bill, scuba divers could only enter archaeological sites when accompanied by underwater guides.  The 2019 bill allows for unescorted visits to shipwrecks that are older than 50 years.

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Rock climbing - Thermisia castle viewed from village memorial Rock climbing - Approach to the towering Crusader castle Rock climbing - View from the western Lizard rock Rock climbing - Sheer access to the eastern Lizard rock Rock climbing - Ermioni from the western Lizard rock Rock climbing - Thermisia village in the background Rock climbing - The western rock approach is for most climbers  Paragliding - Some adventurers decend quicker than others Rock climbing - Walking - Cave of Franchthi approach Rock climbing - Walking - Cave of Franchthi entrance Rock climbing - Walking - Cave of Franchthi interior Rock climbing - Walking - Cave of Franchthi interior Rock climbing - Walking - Katafyki ravine Rock climbing - Walking - Katafyki ravine rock-caves Walking - Katafyki ravine - Heading for Fourni village Walking - Katafyki ravine - The wide open countryside Biking - Bicycles from RentnRide in Ermioni Biking - Scooters from RentnRide in Ermioni Biking - Quadbikes from RentnRide in Ermioni Biking - Mountain bikes from RentnRide in Ermioni Water sports - Porto Heli Water sports - Porto Heli Water sports - Porto Heli Water sports - Porto Heli