Emergency Contacts

As a visitor to Ermioni, we hope you have an enjoyable time.  However, for some, there may be a more serious occasion where you may require medical attention.  We recommend you take out medical insurance cover during your stay, prior to travelling. 
For everyday minor ailments, a visit to one of the three local pharmacies may be all that is required.  They are all situated on the Limani side of Ermioni: one close to the Tourist office, one on the corner on the way to the Health Clinic, and one opposite to Maria's taverna. They have highly trained pharmacists that speak English and will give you expert advice.  Medicines and drugs can be bought over the counter at a reasonable price.  Usually, they are all open during the week, but at the weekends only one will be open on a rota system.
Should the need arise for a more serious condition, then a visit to the Ermioni Regional Clinic, 27540 31224 or 694 442 2559 is advised.  The Ermioni Regional Clinic is situated in a building behind the Ermioni Coast Guard station, where you will find a good English speaking doctor.  The Ermioni Clinic is only open Monday to Saturday: 08:00 to 13:30.  No appointment required.  For location, see the plan of Ermioni in the picture gallery below.  Other doctors are available in Ermioni, but by private appointment only, and you will be charged.  We highly recommend Dr Athanasios Skoupras - Mob: 607 224 7724  Office: 27540 31435  Open clinic: Monday-Friday 08:30 - 10:00am located one street behind/above Pop's Tourist office.  English spoken.
Should the Ermioni Regional Clinic be closed, then in the neighbouring town of Kranidi, 10 kms from Ermioni, there is a 24-hour Regional Health Centre (left) Tel: 27540 22222 or 693 264 6424 with English speaking doctors on duty at all times.  Please be aware, there is a standard 5 Euros cover charge for all patients. There are a couple of pharmacies in Kranidi, see plan of Kranidi in picture gallery below for location.  If further treatment is necessary then the nearest hospitals are at Nafplio, 78kms from Ermioni, and Argos, 89kms from Ermioni. 
Please note: There is only one ambulance on duty for the whole Ermionida area, so it's much quicker to drive to the Regional Health Centre in Kranidi, or take a taxi.
Although there are a couple of dentists in Ermioni, we can personally highly recommend two dentists in Kranidi, who both speak English. See plan of Kranidi below for locations.  Fotis in Kranidi 27540 23425 or 697 794 6554.  Maria in Kranidi 27540 22500.
If a physiotherapist is required, we can highly recommend Sofia who operates from centre of Ermioni, specialising in manual therapy.  English speaking.  Mobile: 693 467 0756  Email: sofiata1107@yahoo.gr
There is a new Orthopedic Surgeon in Kranidi, George Chloros MD, USA-trained with a private practice located across from the Kranidi fish market.  Dr Chloros is available every Monday and Tuesday during the winter, and from 15th July Dr Chloros MD will be available every Monday (all day) Tuesday (all day) and Wednesday mornings as well as Friday (all day) until late August.  Contacts - Mobile: 697 028 8444 in case of emergency or to book an appointment.  Website: chloros-orthopedikos.gr/orthopedic-surgeon-porto-cheli/  Email: info@chloros-orthopedikos.gr  
Due to very little crime in the town, there are no police officers stationed in Ermioni any more. The regional police station is now situated in new premises (right) at the bottom end of Kranidi, between the open-air market and the new AB supermarket.  Tel: 27540 21210  National Police Tel: 100  English spoken.  Additional police from Kranidi are usually requested for large events in Ermioni, like the annual 'Dionysia' weekend, or the annual festival at the Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi, on the outskirts of Ermioni, where thousands of pilgrims attend on the last day of June.  Local issues and traffic disputes within Ermioni are usually dealt with by the Port Police.
The office of the Hellenic Coast Guard (Port Police) is situated in front of the Ermioni Regional Clinic, to the left of the entrance to the weekly market area.  Their presence is always visible at the port of Limani, when the passenger boats arrive.  By Greek law, they have to check on all arrivals and departures at the Limani port, to deal with any illegal imigrants and any surprise invasion force.  The Port Police are the main point of contact for any tourist issues.  English spoken.  Contact details for Port Police: Tel:  27540 31243 Fax: 27540 33133   Email: ermioni.hcg@gr
National emergency numbers:
Police 100
Tourist Police 171
Doctors sos 1016
Hospital 1434 or 1535
Ambulance 166
Fire brigade 199
Coast guard 108
Social assistance 197
EU Emergency no: 112
EU Missing children 116 000
Athens International Airport  +30 210 353 0000
International Operator  11889
Directory enquiries  11888
The Regional Municipality of Ermionida Town Hall (Dimos) is located in the old town in Kranidi and covers the whole Ermionida area including Ermioni, Kranidi, Porto Heli and Kilada.  Local and government issues can be directed to this office.
Tel: 27543 60000 and 27543 60021     Fax: 27540 23668     Email: kranidi1@otenet.gr  and  m.ermionidas@gmail.com
K.E.P. Ermionida Citizens Advice office is located in the old town square in Kranidi, behind the monument of Paparsenis Crestas.
Tel: 27540 29344     Fax: 27540 29345    Email: d.kranidiou@kep.gov.gr 

VETS:  Veterinary doctor contacts in the Ermionida and Argolida (Argolis) area:

Kranidi - Ermioni - Porto Heli area:   Yorgos (George) - Tel: 27540 22348 - Mob: 6946 413 865   Office/Surgery location: Kranidi.

Kranidi - Porto Heli - Ermioni area:   Nikos - Mob: 6977 585 596   Office/Surgery location: Kranidi.

Ligourio - Epidavros area:   Kaikilia (Kelli) - Tel: 27530 22929 - Mob: 6979 449 263   Office/Surgery location: Ligourio.

Nafplio - Tolo area:   Dimitra - Tel: 27520 22965 - Mob: 6981 487 615   Office/Surgery location: Nafplio.

Argos area:   Haris and Eleni - Tel: 27510 25333 - Mob: 6944 381 892   Office/Surgery location: Argos.

Most pharmacies have certain animal medicine available that you can buy over the counter.

Click on Animal Action Greece for a contact list of local Animal Welfare Organisations throughout Greece that may be able to help you with an emergency animal issue/problem in your area.


Picture Gallery
Ermioni pharmacies and regional clinic The 24-hr Regional Health Centre in Kranidi - top centre Ermioni pharmacy 1 - located next to the Piraeus bank Ermioni pharmacy 1 Ermioni pharmacy 2 - located close to the Health Centre Ermioni pharmacy 2 Ermioni pharmacy 3 - located next to the El Puerto cafe-bar Ermioni pharmacy 3 Hellenic Coast Guard (Port Police) building in Ermioni Ermioni Regional Clinic open Monday-Friday 09:00 - 11:00 Private doctors are available - two blocks behind Pop's car-hire Regional Health Centre (open 24 hours) in Kranidi In the absence of an ambulance - we'll get you there On some occassions the first-aid dressing doesn't look that good Young police cadets in training for special operations Hellenic Coast Guard - The port police at your service