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'November 17'

The most historic anniversary in modern Greek history, November 17 is remembered as the day when military tanks burst through the main gate of the Athens Polytechnic University when student protests against the Greek military dictatorship had reached their peak.  Since 21st April 1967, Greece had been under the dictatorial rule of the military, a regime which abolished civil rights, dissolved political par

Athens Marathon

The 38th Athens Authentic Marathon race from the historic town of Marathon to Athens took place on Sunday 14th November, after an absence of one year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  A total of 9,800 runners, divided into two groups with different starting times, ran the 42,195 metres of the original route, with each group divided into eight blocks to avoid overcrowding.  

New restrictions

Saturday 6th November was the first day of new restrictions to curb soaring coronavirus infections that require the unvaccinated to have negative Covid-19 tests.  Covid-19 infections in Greece have hit a new daily high almost every day in November, prompting authorities to announce new measures which restrict access to cafes and restaurants, government buildings,

Pomegranate Festival

The 10th annual Ermioni Pomegranate Festival was held on 30th and 31st October 2021.  The famous historic pomegranates of Ermioni acquired a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) with the 'Pomegranate Ermioni' from Greece registered last October.  However, this was the first year that the annual festival could celebrate this accolade, as the 2020 Pomegranate F

OXI Day 1940

Ioannis Metaxas, the Greek Prime Minister, left his mark on Greek history when on Monday 28th October 1940, he refused to surrender the country to the Italian forces.  Metaxas came into power in 1936 and led the country through a series of political and social changes prior to the Second World War to defend the country, its people and its glorious history.  Metaxas initially showed composure in the face of

New Covid-19 Measures

New Covid-19 measures came into effect from 06:00am on Monday 25th October 2021.  The Government measures announced will be reviewed on Monday 8th November 2021.

Navarino Anniversary

The naval Battle of Navarino was one of the most important battles in the Greek War of Independence, that took place on 20th October 1827.  It was on this date that a coalition of European powers defeated the Ottoman Turkish/Egyptian fleet in the Bay of Navarino, off the Peloponnesian peninsula.  The Greek revolution was viewed sympathetically by many European powers, especially France, Britain

Athens Liberation 1944

On Tuesday 12th October Athens celebrated the 77th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi German occupation, a day for Athens to rejoice.  Back in 1944, it was a sunny autumn day when the bells in the churches of Athens began ringing and the Athenians rushed out on the streets, many waving Greek flags in celebration. 

World Animal Day

4th October 2021 marks the annual World Animal Day, an international day of action for the rights and welfare of animals that is celebrated in Greece and all around the world.  The day is also the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals in Western Christianity.  The Greek Parliament approved a new law on pet ownership in September, which P

Stray Animal Shelter

The Mayor of Ermionida has given approval for project 'Philodimos II' which allows for the construction, installation and equipment of a shelter for stray animals of the Municipality of Ermionida.  With a total budget of 372,000 euros, the project envisages the placement of a shelter for stray animals on a plot of land owned by the Municipality of Ermionida called Diskouri, an old landfill si