Posts include information about Ermioni, Ermionida and the Argolida region

Greek Calendar Change

Thursday 16th February 2023 is the 100th Anniversary when Greece finally replaced the old Julian calendar with the revised Gregorian calendar, when on that day, the date changed throughout Greece from 16th February 1923 to 1st March 1923.  The Gregorian calendar is the calendar in common use in the world today.  It is a correction of the older Julian calendar (originally proposed by Julius Ceasar) that ha

Valentine's Day

Two of the most easily recognised symbols of Valentine's Day are the heart shape and Cupid.  Both of these symbols have their roots squarely planted in ancient Greece.  Cupid is the name of the angelic cherub that inspires love by striking two people with his arrows of love.  Although we have come to think of Cupid as a little child with pinchable rosy cheeks, the original Cupid was a Roman god.

Snow Storm 'Barbara'

The cold weather front called 'Barbara' hit Greece with snowfall that started late on Saturday and continued throughout Sunday 5th February 2023 into Wednesday morning from northern Greece down to Attica, Evia and sections of the Peloponnese.  In Attica, traffic police issued instructions for all drivers to carry snow chains or other non-slip equipment.  It  also

Elefsina - Cultural Capital

On Saturday 4th February 2023, the Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou attended the opening ceremony of the '2023 Elefsina European Capital of Culture' series if events which is inspired by the mythology and history of the city.  The ceremony starts a weekend of special opening events at the coastal front of Elefsina in west Attica, with exhibitions, concerts, DJ parties and side events across the historic town

Olympic Flame

Paris organisers announced that instead of arriving overland, the Olympic flame that will alight the 2024 Paris Games will take to the high seas from its birthplace in Greece.  It will arrive in the ancient Greek-founded port of Marseille in France aboad a three-masted tall ship.  Marseille is a former Greek colony founded 2,600 years ago.  According to tradition, the flame will be lit by the sun's rays at a ceremon

Odesa in Ukraine

Greece's Foreign Affairs Ministry welcomed the World Heritage Committee's decision on Wednesday 25th January 2023 to inscribe the Historic Centre of the city of Odesa*, in Ukraine, on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  This decision is a successful outcome of coordinated efforts, in which Greece took the lead in coordination with Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy and Japan, i

Constantine II 1940-2023

Constantine II, the last king of Greece before the royal monarchy was abolished, died on Tuesday 10th January 2023, aged 82.  After experiencing breathing problems, Constantine had been taken to a

Golden Visas

A new law has sparked a rush for Golden Visas in Greece.  Following PM Mitsotakis' announcement at the Thessaloniki International Fair in September that the cost of acquiring a Golden Visa would rise from 250,000 to 500,000 euros, foreign buyers are snapping up real estate to obtain residency permits before the limit rises on Sunday 1st January 2023.

Glass Onion: Knives Out

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery film sequel was released in November 2022.  The Glass Onion film's production designer Rick Heinrichs fell in love with a luxury hotel complex called Amanzoe, near Porto Heli and Kranidi, and used views from multiple villas to create a CGI island.  As the Amanzoe luxury hotel is located in the middle of Ermionida, Rick had to depend on visual e

Pomegranate Festival

The 11th annual Ermioni Pomegranate Festival was held on 29th and 30th October 2022, with the famous historic pomegranates of Ermioni that were the star attractions over the weekend.  The Festival got off