Posts include information about Ermioni and the Argolida region.

The President of Greece in Ermioni

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, visited Ermioni on Sunday 12th March 2017.  The Presidential visit was to celebrate the 190th Anniversary of the famous and historic Third National Assembly held in Ermioni in 1827.

Annual Pomegranate Festival in Ermioni

The last weekend of October, sees the port of Limani, here in Ermioni celebrate the Annual Pomegranate Festival, which welcomes many local people and visitors from afar. Friday evening commences with an exhibition at the Sygrou cultural centre.  Saturday afternoon starts with a cycle trek to the Gorge of Katafyki, which passes a Pomegranate plantation en-route.

French frigate L'Hermione

The sailing ship L'Hermione is a 12-pounder Concorde class frigate built in Rochefort, France. She is a reproduction of the 1779 L'Hermione which achieved fame by taking Gilbert Motier, General Marquis de LaFayette to Boston in America, in 1780, on a top secret mission.

Hellenic Seaplanes in Greece

The Greek government has given the go-ahead for seaplane companies to start 'Connecting Greece'.

Pool licences in Greece

Over the last couple of years, the Greek government has been collecting taxes and fines where they can.  Swimming pool fines have been the perfect opportunity to collate taxes.  Many people have bought stunning villas with pools, however, some might not be aware that to have a pool today, one needs to have the correct licence.

The role of a Notary in Greece

The buying process of buying your dream house involves the work of a ‘Notary’.  This is the only way you can legally purchase your holiday/second home.  In short, it is a contract that is drawn up and authorised by a public notary, who comes within the jurisdiction of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice and refers to the Public Prosecutor Au

The Ligourio bypass

The new Ligourio bypass has now been fully completed, which makes travelling by road from Emioni to Nafplio much easier and quicker.  Any visitors now driving from Ermioni to Nafplio/Tiryns/Argos/Mycenae, will have the opportunity to bypass the small town of Ligourio by using this new road.

'NERAIDA' - The floating museum visits Ermioni

Another piece of history, as living in Ermioni one is lucky to appreciate the history associated with this vessel.  'Neraida' was built in Italian occupied Croatia in 1939, under the name of 'Laurana', and during the Second World War serv

Buying in Greece

If you are thinking of buying a home in Greece, whether for permanent living or as a holiday home, or as an investment with view of renting to holiday makers, then you might wish to consider renting first, before making a purchase.  You could consider renting in the chosen area, followed by renting on an island, or a vil

New Marina in Ermioni

Papers have been signed and approved by the government offices in Athens for the go-ahead of the planned Ermioni 'super-yacht' Marina, with work expected to commence in November 2020, following completion of a 'mini-marina' project in Porto Heli.