Posts include information about Ermioni and the Argolida region.

'Martis' welcomes Spring

The ancient tradition of Martis (from which the month of March is named) is celebrated from 1st March and welcomes the Spring season.  Martis dates back to the cults of Demeter and Persephone, based in Eleusis where the famous 'Eleusian Mysteries' were performed.  As a form of initiation into the secret cult, new initiates wore a bracelet called a kroki around their right hand and left ankl

Snow Storm 'Medea'

Greece has been hit by the winter storm called 'Medea' leaving Athens, including the ancient Acropolis, blanketed in snow.  It's been the heaviest snowfall in Greece in over 12 years.  The Greek capital's famed monuments and neighbourhoods have taken on a new beauty, adding to their usual charm.  Although heavy snowfall is not uncommon in Greece's northern and mountainous regions,

Vaccination in Ermionida

It has been announced by the Mayor of Ermionida, Giannis Georgopoulos, that vaccination against the Covid-19 virus will start within Ermionida from Monday 15th February at the vaccination centre of the Kranidi Health Centre.  The Regional Health Centre in Kranidi is fully equipped and ready to commence the vaccination programme.  The National Public Health Organisation originally selected the hospitals in

Lockdown in Attica

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced there will be a near-total Coronavirus lockdown throughout the Attica region of Greece.  These extra restrictions will commence from Thursday 11th February and initially last until Sunday 28th February 2021.  The new measures come after many spikes in the number of infections recently and a worrying rise in hospitalisations in the region.  As part of

Int'l Greek Language Day

9th February has been officially declared as International Greek Language Day and is a day for Greeks, Philhellenes and non-Greeks to celebrate the important role the Greek language has played in world culture.  Greek language and culture has spread across more than 35 Centuries, providing an unbroken link between modern-day Greeks and their ancient ancestors.  Unlike Latin, Greek is a living language cu

'Flying Dolphins' To Retire

Hellenic Seaways announced that they have ordered three new catamaran passenger ships that will replace their old beloved 'Flying Dolphins'.  The ageing fleet of 'Flying Dolphins' have served destinations in the Saronic Gulf for more than forty years and it is time these old hydrofoils, built in Russia/Ukraine, were replaced.  Hellenic Seaways, created in 2005 as an Attica Group subsidery, has ordered three 150-se

New 'Two-Tier' Restrictions

The Greek Government announced a streamlined two-tier system of epidemiological alert nationally, that share the essential obligatory health rules, such as wearing face masks and sending SMS before leaving home.  As part of the 2nd nationwide lockdown, starting 6:00am on Saturday 30th January 2021, this new two-tier system will apply to places considered Lev

3rd National Lockdown ???

One expert on the commitee of health advisors said that a third tougher lockdown, similar to March and November 2020, cannot be ruled out.  However, that situation remains somewhat distant given the current epidemiological picture in Greece, as the virus has shown new infections, intubations and deaths easing over the past couple of days.  With less than 500 new infections a day and less than 300 Covid-19 patients in inte

2nd Lockdown - Retail Easing

The government announced that the retail sector, along with hairdressers and nail salons can reopen for business between 7:00am to 8:00pm from Monday 18th January 2021.  In areas of increased transmission risk, some stores will operate on a cubside pick-up basis only.  In order to make their purchases, customers must send an SMS to the country's toll-free number using the number 2, which was the code for m

Argolida in further lockdown

Due to the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases diagnosed in Argolida and Laconia, as well as their older populations, the Greek Deputy Minister for Civil Protection, Nikos Chardalias, announced a series of stricter lockdown measures for both of these regions.  Starting on Thursday 14th January, these two historic regions located in the Peloponnese, will be under a night-tim