ZORRO - Apr '13

ZORRO was one of the 3 AMIGOS kittens found crying in a waste bin outside Ermioni.  We brought all three of them home, and Zorro is still with us to this day.  The 3 Amigos spent a good deal of time with us at home, but as they got older we took them to our Sanctuary, which is an abandoned house but surrounded by open fields with trees and large bushes, ideal for cats to play in without being seen.  We have around 30 cats at the Sanctuary, so the Amigos would soon make a lot of friends.  One day Zorro went missing, which was unusual.  We eventually found him in some long grass, but he was unable to walk.  We got him to the local vet, and eventually he was seen to.  Following a basic examination and an x-ray, we were told that Zorro had a broken back, and it would be better to put him to sleep.  We brought him home and decided that Zorro deserved another chance, so we took him to a vet in Argos for a second opinion.  After an extensive examination and further x-rays, we were given the news that Zorro did not have a broken back, but did need immediate medical attention.   Over the following months and years, there followed numerous operations on our little friend, but eventually with lots of patience, love and care, Zorro recovered.  He was brought home to heal and recover, and has never left us since.
Zorro became a confirmed house-cat, in that he has never ventured beyond the perimeter of our home, happy to stay and play in our courtyards and on our balcony.  Over the years, he got to meet so many new friends at home, all the new babies we found, furry friends that came to visit, strays that we had rescued, as well as all the sick kittens that came here to recover.  He became the 'Godfather' for so many kittens and cats in distress.  Maybe he remembers how he felt when he was in their position and makes a point of befriending all those poor creatures in need, or, he just prefers having a loving home that he shares with three younger female cats for company, which were also found and rescued as strays from the streets. 
Sadly, due to deteriorating health, Zorro was put to sleep on 24th April 2023, as his condition was putting him in a great deal of pain.  He was 10 years old.  He will be sadly missed by all the furry friends he befriended with his time with us.  We miss him greatly.
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