TIA & MARIA - Jul '17

The MILOS gang.  A group of pussycats that got fed daily.  Situated close to the windmill on top of a hill, across from the town of Ermioni, one would think all the strays would be safe here.  But sadly that is not the case, the exposed eliments within this area can be harsh and cruel.  But for some, life can change.  In total there should have been approximately 8 furry canine friends here, including 3 doggies which were abandoned at the end of August 2017.  Sadly the reality is that one day they are around, they get neutered, then they vanish without any explanations.  It hurts and it is hard to accept that you will never see them again. This also applied to Tia and Maria's mummy (pictured right) as she was one of the last to disappear at the end of September.  By the begining of October, only the 2 kittens remained from this larger colony, both of them being so trusting and friendly.

Tia and Maria needed moving to safety, as they too could perish. They were taken home to safety and  lived as house cats with us for a number of months, both sisters settleing in well and being so loving.  They were originally wanted by a couple in the UK, but because I was continually messed around with their transfer, the adopters decided against them as they felt they were continually being let down with their arrival.  Sadly, the actual transfer itself is beyond my control.  This particular company continually let me down and I had to wait even longer until I found another slot with a different animal transporter company.  The two sisters had already been given new names by their original adopters, but have now been changed back to being called TIA and MARIA.  They finally crossed the waters in December 2017 with some of their friends.  New adopters will be found for them, as they have to stay together.  

As an animal rescuer, you become so attached to the rescues, that when the day comes for them to depart, there are plenty of tears.  But they have to be given a chance.  There are so many others that need a chance and need a home.  So as some depart, others come home and are given the same care, until the day comes when they might get a chance to cross the waters.

 . . . People that hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life - Faith Resnick . . .

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