SCOOBY-DOO - Aug '10

Scooby-Doo was abandoned on the back streets of the old village of Ermioni, and a temporary foster home had to be found for him.  He was not suitable for owners with young children as he was initially unapproachable, scared, barked at people and children who crossed his path, and was in poor health.  This was bad news, as the plight of strays is extremely dangerous in Greece. Some totally ignore the presence of strays, whereby others tend to take action against these poor helpless creatures.  Being abandoned in the old village, he was lucky to come across some animal caring people, and he became part of their cat colony.  As time passed by, he got on really well with all the local cats, in turn, the cats loved him, as Scooby-Doo became their protector.  Because the cats were fed, so was Scooby, to the annoyance of some villagers.  However, the only way one could get a chance to get close to him was by feeding him, to build his trust. This happened, but over a period of time, which seemed like ages.  One particular night, there was a disturbance down the lane.  It seemed that some villages had decided to take some action against Scooby, but with the presence of some animal loving people, it stopped.  However, he had to be removed quickly to stop anything further seriously happening to him.  Many phone calls were made and some kind people, living just outside Ermioni, offered to help for an indefinite period.  Even in his new pastures with his temporary foster carers and new friends, he was subjected to poisoning.  Luckily, his 'foster-parents' got Scooby-Doo to the vet in time, but sadly they lost two of their own dogs through this illegal action. 

A permanent home had to be found.  So as time went by, many emails were sent out to animal charities asking for help.  Twitter was inundated with our pleas, but many people are trying to deal with their own animal problems.  However, one person in particular, who promised to help did keep her word, even though her own private animal sanctuary is full of stray dogs and puppies. With this, Scooby started his new journey, to what we thought was just going to be temporary fostering, to an animal sanctuary on the island of Aegina on 11th August 2011.  This journey was very scary for Scooby-Doo, as he had never been on a boat before, but he was a very good boy.  

Once he arrived at Aegina, he was hugged and kissed and taken straight to the vets to be checked over again.  We settled him down at the sanctuary and said our final good-byes to him.  It was very sad indeed for us, as we don't have land and had nowhere to keep him.   Then we received an email to say that Scooby was starting his new journey to his new home in Germany on Saturday 28th August 2011.  This was the best news we had heard and were delighted for him.  Who would have thought he had any chance of a better life.



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Scooby-Doo is abandoned in the old village of Ermioni Scooby soon made friends with the local cats Scooby-Doo felt he had found a safe haven Scooby used to go for walks around the old village The day came when Scooby had to say goodbye to Ermioni Re-homed temporary in the Ermioni countryside Scooby-Doo meets his new temporary family and friends Scooby was looking for a new permanent home and family