OLLIE & JOSH - May '17

One particular Thursday morning in May, an SOS telephone call came through.  Two baby kittens were found in bins and needed rescuing.  The dreaded question again "Can you help?"  Situations like these, just puts you in an auto pilot mode.  You cannot ignore this desparate plea.  So a couple of hours later, plans were made to drive 20 kms to the resort town of Porto Heli.  We met at the local supermarket and were handed these two delightful boys.  They were tiny, but I knew they would make a full recovery. But first we had to get them home.  Little JOSH settled into drinking milk, but OLLIE struggled.  It was hit and miss with him, which became increasingly difficult.  Instead I had to use a syringe to get him to drink and get the much needed weight gain.  As the days progressed, both were drinking heartily and they became very healthy boys indeed.  There were other little kittens around that were previously rescued, so these 2 boys fitted in very well.

I needed to find homes for them, because even though I rescue, sadly they cannot all be kept at home.  But I had to give them a chance.  I have a very good friend from Germany who helps me and she found a couple who were very interested in adopted these 2 brothers.  So as they got older, they were prepared for travel to their new home in Germany.  They travelled by road, but as the destination became closer, things took a turn for the worse.  The address in Germany where they should have gone to, was now housed with some drunks/drug addicts.  I was in the UK and I had to act quickly.  I needed to find another alternative for them.  Luckily for me, I found a good friend in the UK, who helped me adopt some of my stray pussycats. So I sent her an SOS message telling her of the dilemma that I was in.  I asked whether she could foster until I found a suitable home for them in the UK.  She did. They didn't stay too long with my foster lady, as she soon found them a permanent home and they have lived happily ever after with Mary.  The nice thing for me is that I get updates of their progress which is hugely important. 

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