NEDA & BABIES - May '17

In May 2017, I received an email from a tourist by the name of Peter.  He was on holiday in Ancient Phigaleia, which was on the Messenian/Elean border in the Peloponnese, about 30 kms North-East of Kyparissia.  He was trying to feed and help a mummy dog that had just had 6 puppies in a garbage area, but there was an urgency, as Peter (tourist) was leaving this area in a few days time.  We were in Ermioni which was hours away from Kyparissia, but naturally, regardless of where we were, this canine family had to be saved.  Sadly though, the local village people had other ideas.  Peter was advised to take the dogs and drown them in the river, this is the normal approach and solution by locals.  They have no time for animal welfare, and to drown them was just another way of eradicating the problem of stray animals. But Peter was an Englishman and had different values, however, he needed help.  

It proved to be a mammoth task to try and find charities or people to help.  They had to be taken to safety as soon as possible.  Six puppies and mummy would take huge space and would become hugely expensive.  I learnt that many were just too pre-occupied with their own needs, yet others just didn't want to know.  Some promises were made, but sadly nothing developed.  Action had to be immediate.  There wasn't time to wait.  Peter was leaving in a few days time and once he had left, the fate of this innocent family would have been death!!!!!  Then out of the blue, I received a telephone call from a person close to the area called Nikos.  He knew the area well and offered to help. This was the best news ever.  I didn't know Nikos at all, but somehow I trusted him 100%.  He seemed genuine, sincere and truly wanted to help this family.  Equally and importantly, he and his friends were able to act immediately.  

So the same day that I spoke with him, the doggies were rescued and taken to safety. It was the happiest day of my life.  From here, I knew I had to try and fundraise, to get some funds for these people, which would help with the upkeep of the family.  The mummy was called NEDA.  Her babies were too tiny to name.  I raised some funds which helped, but not much.   As time went by, I visited the area and NEDA and her babies were truly beautiful.  They had settled, had grown and were such a delight to play, love and care for.  Because of the breed of dogs, it was easy to home them and adopters came forward.  When NEDA had finished her duty as a mum to her babies, she crossed the waters to Norway, where to date, she has a beautiful life.  Gone were the days, where NEDA was living a rough outdoor life. Instead she now had a home with a kind loving human family.  Equally, all NEDA's babies were also found homes and crossed the waters to safety.  

The moral of this story is that everything is possible, but it takes a certain type of person to physically ensure this happens and make it a reality.  I learnt through this experience, that there were very few people that really wanted to help.  Equally, action has to be taken immediately.  Yet, through no fault of their own, these strays are born and are left to fend for themselves, their chances of survival being very slim.  Animal rescue for me will always continue, no matter what.  Everyone can make a difference if they really want to try.  

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GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017 GreekSTRAYS - Neda and her babies - May 2017