KRANIDI - Distance from Ermioni: 9 kms/11 mins

Kranidi is the largest town within the Ermionida region and is the capital of the municipality*.  It is built between the pine-covered slopes of Aghia Anna and the ruins of the ancient city of Macitos, which also included Kilada and Fourni.  The recent name of Kranidi was acquired at the beginning of the 16th century (as it was originally referred to by the Turkish name of Kato Nahagie) either from its Ancient Greek name Kranaos or from the nearby islet of Koronida.  Until the beginning of the 20th century, Kranidi had a large commercial fleet based in Kilada with established trade routes throughout the Mediterranean.  Betweem 1823 and 1824, Kranidi became the interim seat of government in Greece, having played a major role during the Greek War of Independence, before the capital was established at Nafplio, then later transfered to Athens.  It is the birthplace of Emmanuel Repoulis, a Minister in the Venizelos Cabinet, who now has an annual town festival named in his honour.  

Kranidi lies 4 kms from the coast and approximately 9 kms West of Ermioni.  It is surrounded by low hills covered with olive groves and small forests.  One distinct feature of the town are the restored windmills on the crest of the Aghia Anna hillside.  Today, modern Kranidi is the commercial and administrative centre of the whole Ermionida region, with a large variety of cafes and shops offering basic traditional craftwork to modern boutiques.  Within the lower old town of Kranidi, many neo-classical buildings line the narrow winding streets which surround the large churches and municipality offices, including the recently renovated Kranidi Town Hall.  The new town is located at the top of the hill, with the Repoulis monument in Kyprou Square surrounded by shops, cafes, banks and a taxi rank. 

Kranidi has all the other main amenities and in the event of an emergency, there is a 24 hour Regional Health Centre and many English speaking doctors, dentists and vets within the town.  Kranidi is now the location of all the Greek National Banks and the National ELTA Post Office for the whole of the Ermionida area.  For the fitness enthusiast, there is also a gym.  The Regional Police Station is also located within new premises in the lower part of the new town of Kranidi, next to the popular outdoor fish market and local supermarkets.

In July 2023, Kranidi recorded the second highest temperature ever recorded in Greece, 45.9°C, since records began in 2006.

If you don't have personal transport, then local buses depart from Ermioni to Kranidi in the mornings, Monday to Friday only.  Apart from the early 05:00 departure, buses depart from Ermioni to Kranidi at 08:30 and 11:40 Monday to Friday.  The Ermioni bus stop is located opposite the white marble War Memorial, near the Limani harbour waterside periptero kiosk.  Buses then travel to the Taverna Lampis in central Kranidi, opposite Kyprou (Cyprus) Square and the taxi rank, then continue onto Porto Heli and Kosta.    

From Kranidi, K-TEL Argolida InterCity buses travel to Epidavros (Ligourio), Isthmia (Corinth Canal) and on to the Athens Kifissos InterCity bus station.  All buses now depart from Taverna Lampis, located opposite the main taxi rank in central Kranidi.  Tickets and travel-times are available from the Taverna Lempis service counter in Kranidi: Tel: +30 27540 23016.  Tickets for Athens Kifissos InterCity bus station cost 17.70 Euros per person, one way, the journey time from Kranidi to Athens Kifissos InterCity bus station takes just over 3 hours.  K-TEL buses travel to Ermioni at 08:15 - 11:00  Mon to Friday.  Contact for KTEL Argolida ticket office in Athens: Tel: +30 210 513 4588   Nafplio: Tel: +30 27520 27323  or 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the normal KTEL timetable has been suspended.  There is a 'temporary' limited service in operation until further notice.  Limited availability due to social distancing control.  Obtain your tickets before you travel.

  • Kranidi to Athens:  Monday to Friday - 05:30 - 11:10 - 17:30    Saturday - None    Sunday - 11:00 - 17:30 
  • Athens to Kranidi:  Monday to Friday - 09:30 - 16:30    Saturday - 09:30    Sunday - 16:30 


The Regional Municipality of Ermionida Town Hall (Dimos) is located in the old town in Kranidi and covers the whole Ermionida area including Ermioni, Kranidi, Porto Heli and Kilada.  Local and government issues can be directed to this office of the Regional Mayor.
Tel: +30 27543 60000 and +30 27543 60021     Fax: 27540 23668     Email:  and
K.E.P. Ermionida (citizens advice) office is located in the old town square in Kranidi, behind the monument of Paparsenis Crestas.
Tel: +30 27540 29344     Fax: 27540 29345     Email: 


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