IRIA BOYS - Nov '12

These three male tabby kittens, ARTHUR, ARCHIE and ARNIE, were rescued from the Iria Beach campsite, close to Nafplio.  It was an SOS situation from GCWS as a result of German campers who were staying at this Iria Beach campsite.  The German campers took some stray cats back to Germany with them, but these 3 kittens were left behind, together with other cats which needed neutering as a matter of urgency.  There was no way we could ignore this urgent plea for help, so it was a car journey of over an hour to try to get them rescued, and get the other cats to the vet in Nafplio.  The vet had already been arranged in terms of the older cats being neutered, but at the time we took them to the wrong vet, but it didn't matter as GCWS agreed and allowed to fund the neutering of these remaining cats. 

But to capture the three little kittens proved something else.  They weren't very friendly and we discovered that they didn't like humans.  We finally found the three of them cornered inside a toilet bucket within the campsite toilet complex, we managed to get them into some cages, and the journey back to Ermioni commenced.  Once settled, they became such friendly trusting little boys, but the neighbours below this open field hated cats, so they had to be moved together with lots of other cats.  I posted, I pleaded for help, but it wasn't easy, as we got lots of sympathy from other animal lovers, but they all had their own animal welfare problems. Luckily though, one person came forward and offered to home all three of the Iria Boys in Athens.  We were so glad to know that the three young brothers would be homed and staying together.
It was a horrible cold wet day in November, when it just poured it down with rain, that they were taken to Athens and for us it was a very sad day.  But this was short lived, because after a few months, the young lady advised us that she was leaving Athens for Santorini.  It was a nightmare and not something we expected, as she only gave us 24 hours notice.  So the decision was made to bring them back to Ermioni, to somewhere that they were originally used to.  Sadly though, upon going back to try and catch them, we were told that Arthur had escaped and was roaming around the district of Athens, of which to date, we suspect he is still there.  The other two Iria Boys, Archie and Arnie, although traumatised, were eventually caught and brought back to Ermioni, to where they still live and have become so loving and adorable.
The two remaining Iria Boys are not young anymore, but would it be fair to try and find them a loving permanent home? or leave them to enjoy the safety, tranquility, sunshine and the open fields that they are used to, to play alongside their other furry friends in peace.
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