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It might seem to be a decent life on the streets for any stray within our regions, but many cats are in danger from stray dogs.  Dogs kill cats for fun, not in all cases for food, but as a result of boredom.  It would be great for most of our strays to be given a chance for a permanent home, whereby they can live their days in safety, with love, food, shelter, warmth and protected.  Can you help to re-home?  Would you consider fostering a stray, with view of finding a permanent home?  Would you consider sponsoring a stray to help with feeding costs?  If so, please do send an email to:

Donations are hugely needed for GreekSTRAYS
Account name & bank: GreekSTRAYS - Lloyds Bank 
Sort Code: 30-65-22    Account Number: 78074260

TO REHOME  . . . There are costs associated in re-homing permanently or to foster any stray.  Nothing is impossible, everything is possible.  We do all the work and everything is simple and complies with either UK law, or European law.  To prepare a full passport can cost up to 50 Euros per animal.  Petrol costs to Athens airport can cost up to 80 Euros. Airline transportation costs can cost up to 80 Euros per animal.  All deserve a chance.  If you want more information on how you can help, then please do send an email to:

SPONSOR A CAT . . . There are many cats in our care that will never have the opportunity of re-homing, due to many reasons: age, temperament, looks or even health.  Become a sponsor for as little £15 per month and you will help a cat to receive the care they need.  As a caring sponsor, you will get to know the cat your are sponsoring with a twice yearly newsletter.  You will receive a certificate recognising your sponsorship, picture and information about your chosen cat, a Christmas card and an invitation to visit your chosen pussy cat.  For more information, please send an email to:

FOOD . . . is desparately needed.  Our weekly/monthly/annual feeding costs are huge. Would you consider donating food for the strays?  So many mouths to feed, especially during the colder periods.  At one time, our largest colony would get 15 tins of wet food daily.  This has increased.  On top of sacks of dried food, we go through over 150 tins of wet food per week.  They are not choosy. They appreciate every type of food given, including the odd treats periodically.  If you want to help with food, then please do send an email to:

VOLUNTEER . . . If you live within the area, you could volunteer as a feeder, which would be a great help, as there are only the two of us and it is sheer hard work, but very rewarding, or if you live further afield, you might wish to donate some cat/dog food or cat/dog biscuits.  You might wish to help transport cats/dogs to and from the vets, or do the airport run when they are flying to their new homes, or help with the neutering programs where volunteers are desperately needed, or fostering sick injured animals.  If so, please send an email to:


We are constantly in need of dog and cat items.  Even though we live in Greece, all donated items could either be sent to our Greek address or UK address.   If you wish to help and can help, then any of the following would be greatly appreciated:

Metal cat cages.  These are the best, for neutering purposes, for recovery and for transportation.  

Dog and cat flea/tick/worm treatments.  

Dog and cat carriers

Oral medications for cats and dogs

Dog and cat eye treatments

Dog and cat food


Dog collars and leads

Toys for the animals

Dog and cat dishes  

Kitten/puppy items


Donations are hugely needed for GreekSTRAYS
Account name & bank: GreekSTRAYS - Lloyds Bank   Sort Code: 30-65-22    Account Number: 78074260


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