Thank you to all who have made donations in various ways for our cause of GreekSTRAYS, and made a difference.   All donations received are spent entirely on the welfare of the stray animals.  We are truly grateful for this generosity, but it has to continue. It would not be possible to continue without your kindness, help or support. Presently all our activities are self funded, we don’t receive any huge financial help, except small donations.   Animals sadly do not have a voice, but they do have the right to live.  If you like what you have read, and wish to help, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.  Please, consider helping the cause and make your donation by clicking the paypal button.  You could always consider a donation, or setting up a monthy standing order.  No amount for the GreekSTRAYS is too small. Bank details, paypal and further information can be made by sending an email to:
 Donations are hugely needed for GreekSTRAYS
Account name & bank: GreekSTRAYS - Lloyds Bank   Sort Code: 30-65-22    Account Number: 78074260



£5  FLEA TREATMENT -  In the hot climates, puppies/dogs and kittens/cats are plagued with problems and need treating monthly.

£10  WORMING - They need the goodness from the food they eat and not from parasites.  

£15 - £50 VACCINATIONS/BLOOD TESTS - Vaccinations are essential to the well being of any stray.  Early blood tests will prevent and detect illnesses early.  

£40  FOOD - This is approximately per animal per month.  Food bills are huge and continue to rise.  A daily financial struggle to feed over 100 pussy cats and doggies in various colonnies.

£40 - £150 NEUTERING - Depending on whether the stray animal is a female or male, cat or dog, neutering/sterilization/castration must continue.


£40  PASSPORTS - Cost to prepare any stray for travel to a new home.  With the implementation of TRACES in 2015, this will obviously increase costs.  Each vaccination costs approximately £15.  

£150 - £200 URGENT MEDICAL VET TREATMENTS - There are times when you rescue a very sick stray, which results in huge vet bills.  Turning a blind eye on these helpless cases is not an option. They have to be dealt with immediately.

£80 - £150  AIRLINE COSTS - This is for either cabin or cargo.  A suitable pet-box carrier is essential, and an additional cost, for any stray travelling to its new home.  

£150 - £250  ROAD TRANSPORT COSTS - Sometimes because of the size of a stray, or due to its well-being, road transportation is another means of getting the stray to its new home.




Everything we do, comes out of our own pocket and this includes re-homing.   People might ask why do all of this when it is costing so much?  The answer is that we really do enjoy making a difference to the plight of GreekSTRAYS.  When you befriend terrified feral cats, or even dogs and see how their temperaments change with love, care, food and affection, it does sincerely make all the hard work worthwhile. When you catch an injured animal who might have infections, is riddled with fleas, has eye problems and much more, and see what difference TLC, food and medicines do, all the hard work does become worthwhile.  Please, please do consider making a donation to help us continue, especially if you like what you have read.  No matter how big or small, no matter when, everything will be greatly appreciated.  Please click on the paypal Donate button at the top of this page.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Donations are hugely needed for GreekSTRAYS
Account name & bank: GreekSTRAYS - Lloyds Bank   Sort Code: 30-65-22    Account Number: 78074260
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Donations go towards on-going animal neutering Donations go towards abandoned animals and trying to re-home Donations go towards caring for abandoned animals Donations go towards helping the sick and injured Donations go towards vaccinations and treatments Donations go towards feeding colonnies Donations go towards on-going care for stray animals Donations go towards helping all animals in need