CORNFLAKE, SUGARPUFF, WHEETABIX - The Cereal Sisters. When you rescue stray animals, it is heartbreaking when one dies for no apparent reason. This is exactly what happened to one of the Cereal Sisters. All 3 were rescued from the same location, some local garbage bins, but at different times. We first came across the first sister, Wheetabix, as we noticed that she had a bad flesh wound on her neck. As we tried to catch her, we found her two sisters close by. Cornflake and Sugarpuff were soon caught and taken to the Sanctuary for safety, however, Wheetabix was much more difficult to catch, probably as she was in a lot of pain. We continued to try and catch her for the following week, and then finally having caught her, she was able to be taken to the vet for treatment of her wound and rejoin her other two sisters at the Sanctuary. Once the neck wound on Wheetabix had been healed, all three of the Cereal Sisters were neutered together by a visiting vet.

They were adorable, so lovable and I knew my mission would be to find them a home where they could be together. But sadly one day driving to the open field to feed all the strays, CORNFLAKE ran ahead to greet us. For some unknown reason, she just collapsed, and that was the end. I picked her up and tried to resuscitate her, but she had already gone. Everything happened so quickly and I cried big time, because there was no explanation as to what had happened to her. Did she have an unknown medical condition or what? Even though they were feral, they were my babies and became so much part of our life. No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye to her. A very sad time, but not long after, SUGERPUFF and WHEETABIX were adopted. Preparations were made for them to travel to Holland, but sadly this first adoption didn't work out, as the owners already had some dogs. This was all done through a reputable charity, but mistakes obviously were made. They were lucky, because another adopter was found and this lady keeps me updated with their progress and sends me pictures, which I love. Sugarpuff is now called BETTIE and Wheetabix is now called MOLLIE.
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