BILLIE & BENNY - Sep '14

BILLY (f) - black/white and BENNY (m) - black/tan are sister and brother. They were two puppies once again dumped in the open fields.  No sooner do we manage to home the existing dumped ones, when new ones appear.  It is an never ending story.  BILLIE and BENNY were terrified when we first saw them, but by feeding and befriending them, they became human friendly.  They loved all the GreekSTRAYS that lived there and began to grow.  After a few months, they were sterilized and passports were prepared for them.  They are not aggressive, get on with other dogs that come into the area and all the resident cats too.  As time went by, the neighbours complained that as we were feeding them, they became strong and started mollesting their livestock.  What did they expect us to do?  Ignore their hungry faces?  We had to find a solution.
The opportunity came when we heard that there was a warehouse that required dogs to be used as a security deterant.  The location was ideal, it wasn't too far away, there was lots of space surrounding the warehouse and the whole perimiter was secured by tall railings and wire fencing.  BILLIE and BENNY would be safe inside, have lots of room to run and play, have some shelter and we had good access to the property to bring them food and water.  BILLIE and BENNY were transferred there with their best friend MUPPET, and within a couple of months were joined by TWO-SOX, a smaller dog that used to come to sit outside the wire fence, and watch as the three happy residents played within the compound.  Together, the four doggies remained the best of friends for years to come. 
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