Ermioni - Mandrakia

Mandrakia is on the Southern side of the Ermioni peninsula.  It is a place where one can just sit in a cafe or bar, listen to music, or watch the world go by.  In the tavernas one can enjoy fresh fish, squid or octopus, served with a glass of local wine or the traditional ouzo, or if you want something more authentic, then try the local tzipouro.  As most of the shops and business amenities are situated on the Limani side of Ermioni, it means that Mandrakia is the place to go if you want a larger selection of tavernas, cafes, bars and clubsMandrakia is the liveliest part of Ermioni, as depending on the season, its nightlife goes on until the early hours of the morning for the young-at-heart.

Until the late years of the 20th century, Mandrakia used to be the secondary port of Ermioni, with large ferries bringing visitors from Pireaus, docking at the jetty shown in the picture on the left, then continuing to Spetses, Porto Heli and finally Nafplio.  However, following a strict review of health and safety on all passenger sea travel, many of the drop-front ferries were withdrawn from service throughout Greece. The AERO Highspeed boats and FlyingCats continue to service Ermioni, with the arrival/departure point now being at the Limani port only, however, there are no longer any sailings to Nafplio.  Today, many yacht flotillas visit and moor up along the Mandrakia harbour waterfront during the very busy summer months. Local fishing boats still contine to use the Mandrakia harbour, as well as amateur fishermen of all ages, trying their luck.  Many local people still take their traditional evening stroll (volta) along the waterfront, before deciding where to dine. 

Mandraki is the Greek description for 'low walls', given to the small stone harbours that were visible along the original waterfront, before the new road and paved walkway was constructed.  Only three original Mandraki harbours remain, next to each other, on the far Western side of the coastline.  All of these harbours have now been repaired/renovated/modernised by the night club opposite, for the comfort and safety of their patrons.  Mandrakia was the traditional boat building side of Ermioni, sadly only one boat builder remains today, in addition to being the home of the many fishermen and their boats during the 18th to mid 20th century.  Today, some fishermen still use the Mandrakia waterfront to moor their traditional fishing boats, clean and unload their catch and mend their nets along the waterfront. However, it shows how much Ermioni used to rely on the sea for its survival and development. 

At Mandrakia's Western end, you can walk along the road that climbs to the ancient Hill of Pronos. This is where the original town of Ancient Hermione was located, with a commercial harbour in the Kapari Bay below.  Today, children and adults alike, fly their kites from this hill on 'Clean Monday', where traditional music and dancing takes place.  At the top of the Hill of Pronos is the small church of Aghia Ermioni (pictured left) built in 1754, on the foundations of an ancient temple to the goddess Hera.  This hilltop position commands fantastic views of Mandrakia, Limani and the Bisti peninsula, as well as the islet of Kapari, the islands of Dokos and Hydra beyond Kapari Bay.   


Ermioni Mandrakia
Ermionida Argolida Peloponnese
37° 23' 1.9788" N, 23° 14' 49.1424" E
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Mandrakia harbour during the late '60s Mandrakia harbour front from an elevated position The tavernas, cafes and bars on the Mandrakia harbour A view towards Hydra island from Mandrakia Mandrakia water front Some local fishing boats at Mandrakia A traditional Ermioni fishing boat Houses and tavernas line the Mandrakia waterfront Perfect place to relax at a bar and look out to sea The lively Mandrakia with tavernas, cafes and bars Visiting yachts at Mandrakia The old giant anchor - on the coastal road to the Bisti Kapari bay looking westward to Kouverta The sun slowly going down over Mandrakia The Mandrakia waterfront before sunset Sunset over Kapari bay from Mandrakia Take a seat - relax and enjoy the view Sit and watch the fishermen bring in their catch One of the original Mandrakia harbours Only three Mandrakia harbours have survived It's best to stay in the shade when it's hot The last Ermioni boatbuilder at the eastern end of Mandrakia Mandrakia - Flotilla holidays are becoming more popular  Mandrakia - Flotillas fill the Southern waterfront in Summer Mandrakia - Michalis - Traditional taverna Mandrakia - Kati Psinetai - Modern taverna and cafe Mandrakia - Millennium - Modern bar Mandrakia - Kavos - Classic fresh fish taverna Mandrakia - Tzieries - Traditional family taverna The ancient commercial port area of Hermione Ancient harbour mole breaking above the raised water-level Map showing the Southern Mandrakia coastline of Ermioni