Ukraine War Awards in Ermioni

On Friday evening 5th August 2022, the Municipality of Ermionida took a pioneering and commendable initiative.  An event was held at the Mandrakia waterfront in Ermioni where honarary plaques were presented to war correspondents, photographers, cameramen and technicians of ERT, private channels and independents who covered and are covering the invasion and war in Ukraine by Putin's Russian hordes.  The whole evening's event was covered by Alpha TV news channel as the Ermioni event went beyond a simple and ordinary presentation ceremony, as tragic accounts of incidents were given with the powerful images shown of the war, which have marked their lives and for understandable reasons they do not wish to recall and recount them often.

The horror and the atrocities of the war that passed through the images and footage they transmitted were shocking to all, but they gave the stimulus to condemn this particular war as well as any other war, which only causes thousands of dead and wounded, a wave of refugees and poverty.  The need for peace was supported by all, that all the peoples and nations of the world make every possible effort to achieve.  Special praise was given to the President of P.E.F.F.E.E. Mr Vasilis Koutroumanos and other members of the Board of Directors, and to the Vice-President and Ermionite Mr Thomas Skourtis, who took the initiative that was accepted by the Municipality of Ermionida, and all together contributed to the successful organisation of the Ermioni presentation ceremony.

As part of the evenings presentation event, there was also the opportunity to browse the photo exhibition of Mr Koutroumanos, award winning photojournalist and President of P.E.F.F.E.E. with the theme 'The peaceful Mariupol of 100,000 Greeks'. 

P.E.F.F.E.E.  =  Panhellenic Union of Photojournalists, Photographers and Videographers, Panhellenic National Media, Private and Public Television.