Till then, Stay safe

Greece is slowly coming back to 'normal'.  Although we shall not see 'normal' for quite some time, if at all, the country is trying to come out of its Coronavirus lockdown state, both for its people and for visiting tourists.  Greece has done exeptionally well in controlling the Covid-19 virus since the beginning of March 2020, the Hellenic people took the global pandemic seriously, so the country is now able to offer tourists a reasonably safe envioronment to visit.  Most strict restrictions have now been relaxed, apart from the re-opening of museums, 'seasonal' hotels and international travel on 15th June and the eventual easing of the ban on festivals and sporting events.  Everyone within the country will still have to deal with social distancing and the wearing of masks on public transport, however, most people agree that Greece is one of the safest destinations if they want to go abroad for their Summer holidays.

From 15th June, international air travel will be allowed from 29 selected countries into Athens and Thessaloniki airports, with all internal flight destinations in operation throughout Greece, including her islands.  Public transport, on land and sea, will still have certain restrictions and limited availability, so pre-booking your journey is advisable.  Let's all hope everything goes as planned and visitors enjoy their 2020 Summer holidays to this beautiful country and the coastal town of Ermioni in particular.  Till then, Stay safe.