Pomegranate Festival in Ermioni

The last weekend of October, sees the port of Limani, here in Ermioni celebrate the Annual Pomegranate Festival, which welcomes many local people and visitors from afar. Friday evening commences with an exhibition at the Sygrou cultural centre.  Saturday afternoon starts with a cycle trek to the Gorge of Katafyki, which passes a Pomegranate plantation en-route. Saturday evening, local children dressed in costumes, ride in a horse and carriage and distribute pomegranates to all local businesses and passers-by.  Local musicians have entertained people with live music and singing at the Mandrakia harbour, with night clubs taking over the party spirit into the early hours.  On Sunday morning, the port of Limani is turned into a dazzling exhibition and display of fine foods and drinks made with this ancient fruit.  Many traditional dishes are presented by local bakery's and tavernas for the community to sample and enjoy, with pomegranate handycrafts and paintings on display.  Potted pomegranate trees and live music, create an ambiance of a small carnival, buzzing with people celebrating together this ancient fruit, which has been grown around Ermioni for centuries.  Speeches are made by members of the Ermionida community council, with invited Government guests, which describe the history of this ancient fruit and the beneficial properties. Live music is played, traditional dancing takes place and culinary samples are demonstrated.  Each year there are new additions to the festival, but the previous events have usually turned out to be a great day for all visitors and the local commuity.


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