Taxiarches Day in Ermioni

Taxiarches Day is celebrated as an annual local holiday on the 8th November in Ermioni.  On this day, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast day of the Synaxis* of the Taxiarches and Archangels Michael and Gabriel, including Raphael and other spiritual and heavenly orders.  Following an early morning church service at the 9th century Byzantine Taxiarches Church in Ermioni, blessings are given at the Mitsas memorial garden next to the church with the band playing the National Anthem.  Accompanied by ringing church bells, a church procession then takes place from Taxiarches Church to the Limani War Memorial for a short blessing.  The procession was led by religious banners, the Ermionida brass band and the local priests with the Holy Icon of the Archangels.  Argolida MP Ioannis Andrianos attended the service and accompanied all the civic and naval dignitaries in the procession.

8th November is the largest annual religious celebration on the island of Symi, 'Feast Day of the Monastery of Archangel Michael' in Panormitis.  This Holy Orthodox Monastery attracts visitors from all over Greece and the world, both Greek and non-Greeks, who come to pray at the Monastery for health, protection and fertility, and is renowned for its many miracles.

Today is also the 'Name Day' of Michael, Michalis, Michaela, Matina, Michelle, Matoula, Gabriel, Gabriela, Raphael, Raphaela, Angelos, Angeliki, Panormitis, Stamatis and Taxiarchis.  'Xronia Polla!' to all. 

*The word Synaxis means the gathering of believers to celebrate a feast, or to observe a remembrance of a saint.   Taxiarches translates as Archangels.