Stray Animal Shelter

The Mayor of Ermionida has given approval for project 'Philodimos II' which allows for the construction, installation and equipment of a shelter for stray animals of the Municipality of Ermionida.  With a total budget of 372,000 euros, the project envisages the placement of a shelter for stray animals on a plot of land owned by the Municipality of Ermionida called Diskouri, an old landfill site, with an area of 7,100 Sqm.  The animal shelter would include an administration building of 140 Sqm which would include an administration and management office, staff room, food warehouse, animal food preparation room, vet's office, an isolation room for sick animals and sick animal waiting room, a staff hygiene area with shower, sanitary facilities for the disabled, a common area, boiler room and general storage room.

The accommodation would provide for 48 stray homeless animals with individual sheltered rooms and individual courtyards for the animals.  The main priority of the Municipal Authority is the protection of the homeless strays, through the creation of the best possible living conditions.  The Municipality is already looking for other sources of funding on the issue of stray management, but also the idea of any possible cooperation with local volunteers and voluntary organisations.