Some Restrictions Eased

Some nationwide Covid-19 restrictions will be eased from Saturday 20th March 2021.  The Greek Minister for Civil Protection announced a series of alterations to the existing Covid measures on Friday.  The existing weekend curfew will now be from 9:00pm until 5:00am.

Open-air archaeoligical sites, including the Acropolis, will welcome visitors across the country, in small groups.  Those looking to visit local sites must send SMS 13033 option 6, wear a mask, observe social distancing and go to the site on foot or on a bicycle, not by car.  Outdoor archaeological sites will run under the new summertime schedule from 24th April to 31st October, while museums, monuments, sites and caves will start from 4th May 2021. 

Greeks living by the sea will now be permitted to go fishing, either from land or small boat, also by sending SMS 13033 option 6.  

Churches will be open to the faithful on 25th/26th March and Holy Days with strict distancing measures in place.  There will be a limit of 20 people allowed inside the church at the same time.  Priests and all visitors will be subject to rapid Coronavirus testing.

Hair & Beauty salons will open on Monday 22nd March, by appointment only, the first step in re-opening non-essential businesses.

Most of the existing measures will remain in place.  Citizens will only be allowed to travel within the municipality of their residence.

The government wants retail commerce to reopen on 5th April, even if that means having a transition period until 12th April during which purchases will be made through the 'click-in-shop' method, following an appointment.  As the reopening of the market on 29th March has now been abandoned due to the adverse virus data and the great pressure on the National Health system, the government intends to open retail store as early as possible (using SMS text no.13032) and not extend the suspension of activity.