Sailing Prices Rise Again

Ferry tickets are set to rise an extra 7% for services setting sail from Piraeus and an extra 12% for those departing from Rafina, due to the major increase in the cost of maritime fuel.  The increased prices for sailings from Piraeus will come on top of the previous increase of 10% earlier this year, when Hellenic Seaways increased the ticket price of the Piraeus to Ermioni service from 34.00 euros to 37.50 euros per person, one way.  Also, unless fuel rates decline considerably in the near future, a third hike of around 5% should be expected around Easter, towards the end of April, bringing the new price to around 39.50 euros.  Passengers and drivers using the Adriatic services of Italian group Grimaldi have already experienced similar hikes to those expected to be imposed for ships sailing out of Piraeus.

Road transport users have already seen a huge rise in the cost of petrol and diesel fuel with more increases expected during April.

Hellenic Seaways are expecting to introduce three modern aero-catamaran passenger ships to replace the ageing 'Flying Dolphins' during August 2022.  Click here to see the report in the 1st February 2021 date edition for full details about the replacement craft.

UPDATE:  Hellenic Seaways have increased their Pireaus to Ermioni ticket prices in June 2022 to 41.50 euros with a further price increase expected in July due to rising fuel costs. The new ticket prices from 1st July 2022 will be 44.50 euros per person, one way.