Robbery of ATM in Ermioni

In the early hours, around 04:00am, of Saturday 2nd December 2023, thieves robbed the National Bank ATM, located just outside the AB supermarket in Ermioni.  Police immediately rushed to the scene, recording the unprecedented event in Ermioni.  According to testimonies of local residents, there was a strong explosion at the ATM and three or four men were seen extracting a large sum of money, making a 'quick-get-away' within minutes.  It was stated later that the gang reportedly stole 198,515 euros from the ATM machine.  Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation and taking statements from a number of eyewitnesses.  It is also hoped the criminals can be identified through the security cameras and many private cameras that exist on the way to, and from, the ATM machine in Ermioni.  

In a major crackdown later on Saturday, law enforcement officers apprehended three individuals, including a 28-year-old Greek music 'trapper' named Don Leon and two accomplices aged 26 and 27, in connection with a series of ATM robberies spanning Greece.  The three were apprehended in Kifisia, near Athens, shortly after commiting the ATM burglary in Ermioni.  The arrests, stemming from a police raid, unveiled a stash of weapons, explosives and a considerable sum of cash, exposing a highly sophisticated criminal enterprise.  The suspects stand accused of carrying out ten ATM attacks using explosives, resulting in a total theft of arounf 710,000 euros.  Additionally, a relative of one of the suspects was arrested for violating weapons laws, as firearms and numerous cartridges were found in their residence.  The gang is alleged to have engaged in money laundering activities, funnelling large sums of cash through the music industry and participating in casino gambling living a very lavish lifestyle.  Ongoing police investigations aim to uncover the full extent of their criminal activities and determine if they are involved in additional cases.  The three perpetrators will testify to an Athens prosecutor on Wednesday 6th December 2023.

The trapper musician Don Leon and his two accomplices who robbed ATMs with explosives, were led to prison pending trial after appearing before an Athens prosecutor on Wednesday.  According to the police, the criminal gang used explosives and a metal cutting wheel to break into ATMs in remote areas of Greece, the last one in Ermioni, in at-least eight separate incidents.  They are also charged with attempted murder against police officers in an incident that took place in the town of Egio in October, where police officers were shot at, thankfully without casualties.  Don Leon was only released earlier this year for similar robbery offences.

A new replacement National Bank of Greece ATM machine was finally installed in Ermioni on Thursday 15th February 2024.