Retail shops to reopen

After months of nationwide lockdown, smaller retail shops will reopen on Monday 5th April.  Deputy Minister for Civil Proptection Nikos Chardalias announced that customers, with appointments, will be permited to do their shopping under strict anti-virus measures.  However, large super-stores and malls will not reopen.  People will have to send a message to the new SMS text number 13032 to go shopping.  Shoppers can shop with 'click-away' curbside pick-up, or with 'click-in-shop' which involves making purchases inside the shop.  Both require a prior appointment to shop.  People can send only one message to shop per day and they have a three hour limit to make their purchases.  Shoppers must carry their identity card/passport whilst shopping and all payments must be made by card and not cash.

Shoppers must follow strict social distancing rules while making purchases in all stores and mask wearing is mandatory in public. 

People will now be permitted to leave their municipality, but not their regional unit, over the weekends only.  During the week, they must stay inside the municipality where their residence is located. The retail stores in the regions of Thessaloniki, Kozani and Achaea (including Patras) will have to remain closed until 12th April.  People who live in these three regional units will be able to travel to nearby municipalities on weekends only.  Individuals must send an text message to 13033, option 6, to obtain permission.

Retail shops were allowed to open on Monday 12th April, using text no 13032, in Thessaloniki and Achaea, however not in Kozani.