The President of Greece in Ermioni

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, visited Ermioni on Sunday 12th March 2017.  The Presidential visit was to celebrate the 190th Anniversary of the famous and historic Third National Assembly held in Ermioni in 1827.

Ermioni had survived the Turkish Ottoman occupation due to its powerful shipping, and later took part in several land and sea battles, alongside Hydra and Spetses, in fighting for the cause of Greek Independence 1821-1829.  During this struggle for freedom, liberated Ermioni hosted the Third National Assembly of Greece, January to March 1827.  Many prominent leaders of the Hellenic revolution attended this historic meeting, including the Hellenic leader, General Theodoros Kolokotronis.  The meeting was held on the upper floor of a fortified house that today is the Ermioni Museum of History and Folklore.  Following a visit to the Museum, the President unfurled a memorial plaque of the historic 1827 meeting.  The President also laid a wreath to the unknown soldier at the Ermioni War memorial in the town square, before being presented with the keys to the town and giving a speech at the Ermioni Town Hall.