Pomegranate Festival

The 11th annual Ermioni Pomegranate Festival was held on 29th and 30th October 2022, with the famous historic pomegranates of Ermioni that were the star attractions over the weekend.   The Festival got off to a great start on Saturday evening with a live music concert in Pefkou Square, with the singer and musicians entertaining the lively crowd that had gathered there to enjoy the music event.  On Sunday morning, the main Pomegranate Festival event was held along the whole length of of the Limani main street, which was closed to traffic.  Numerous stalls promoted the pomegranate fruit, with food and drink displays offering the public a taste of the famous local fruit, as well as art and craft stalls offering an assorted range of pomegranate inspired goods to buy as gifts or souvenirs.  

Mr Yiannis Andrianos, the New Democracy MP of Argolis, attended the Ermioni Pomegranate Festival.  In his speech, he spoke of the combination of the blessed land of Argolis and the human potential, of the people who with their hard work and creativity, give such value to the high quality products produced in the region, such as pomagranates, olive oil, citrus fruits, honey and great wine.

Smashing a pomegranate on New Year's Day is an ancient Greek custom that continues to this day as the red-coloured nutritious fruit is considered a symbol of life and good fortune.  The fruit also represents fertility, eternity and good fortune.  Pomegranates are nutritious and rich in sugars, vitamins A,B,C, and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium and iron.  They have more antioxidants than red wine or green tea.  Pomegranate trees have been cultivated since ancient times and were mentioned in Homer's Odyssey where they grew on the island of Scheria.  Hippocrates also refers to the fruit for its natural healing properties.