Pomegranate Festival

The 10th annual Ermioni Pomegranate Festival was held on 30th and 31st October 2021.  The famous historic pomegranates of Ermioni acquired a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) with the 'Pomegranate Ermioni' from Greece registered last October.  However, this was the first year that the annual festival could celebrate this accolade, as the 2020 Pomegranate Festival was cancelled due to the global pandemic.  The weekend started on Saturday morning with a children's bicycle trek to the Kontou estate on the outskirts of Ermioni, where the cyclists enjoyed fresh pomegranate juice before returning to Ermioni.  A live music concert followed on Saturday evening, in Pefkou square, with the popular Greek singer Christos Dantis entertaining the lively crowd, accompanied by his musicians.

On Sunday morning, the main Pomegranate Festival event was held along the whole length of the Limani main street, which was closed to traffic, with numerous pomegranate fruit, food and drink displays offering the public a taste of the famous local fruit, with art & craft stalls offering assorted pomegranate related fancy goods for visitors to buy as souvenirs.  The morning started with a children's 'Lost Treasure Hunt', followed by the customery opening speeches from the Ermionida and Argolida civic dignitaries.  Traditional folk dances were then performed by the Hermione Dance Group, with music and singers entertaining the thriving crowd of local residents and regional visitors for the whole afternoon.  Although the weather was slightly overcast, with a few sunny periods, the festival crowds really seemed to enjoy their special day.  Throughout the whole festival weekend, there was continuous reporting of the Ermioni Pomegranate Festival by national TV station ANT1 to the whole of Greece.  A very special day for Ermioni.