Omicron Measures

The Greek Government announced today new measures ahead of Christmas and New Year's celebrations to prevent Covid-19 infections and indicated that more restrictions are being prepared in the new year when the new Omicron variant is expected to start spreading more widely.  As of Friday 24th December 2021, masks will be obligatory in both indoor and outdoor areas, including churches, while a double mask or a KN95 will be required to travel on public transport or visit to a supermarket.  All public festivities planned by municipalities in the coming days are cancelled to avoid overcrowding.  The new measures take effect from 06:00am on Friday 24th December and continue until 2nd January 2022.  The announcement follows the recommendations made by the scientific committee advising the government on the handling of the the pandemic.

The new recommended measures will also affect travellers with people who have entered Greece being 'strongly recommended' to undergo mandatory testing (rapid or PCR) on the second and fourth day after their arrival.  From Monday 3rd January 2022*, the government plan to introduce more restrictive measures that will affect entertainment, sports events and non-essential activities but these do not include local or general lockdowns or a return of the SMS system for leaving the house.

Monday 27th December 2021 the government announced new measures to contain the spread of the new Omicron variant.  The new measures will come into force from Monday 3rd January* until Sunday 16th January 2022.  Entertainment venues must close by midnight, standing customers will not be allowed and a maximum of six people may share a table.  Half of employees in the private and public sectors will have to work from home and staggered shifts will be introduced.  The measures will make the use of increased protection facemasks (KN95/FFP2) or double mask mandatory in supermarkets, public transport and for catering staff.  In sporting stadiums admissions will be limited to 10% of the general capacity, with a cap of 1,000 spectators.  Visits to retirement homes will be limited to those who have performed a PCR test within the previous 48 hours.  In schools, all student trips will be suspended until further notice.

*Thursday 30th December 2021.  Initially, the new measures against Covid-19 were to take effect on 3rd January 2022, however, due to the rapid record breaking increase of cases and the onset of the Omicron mutation after the Christmas period, it was decided to expedite their implemitation from 06:00am today.  The only exception will be made for restaurants for New Year's Eve, when they will be allowed to stay open until 02:00 in the morning.

The above measures have been extended until Monday 31st January 2022.