New 'Two-Tier' Restrictions

The Greek Government announced a streamlined two-tier system of epidemiological alert nationally, that share the essential obligatory health rules, such as wearing face masks and sending SMS before leaving home.  As part of the 2nd nationwide lockdown, starting 6:00am on Saturday 30th January 2021, this new two-tier system will apply to places considered Level A (yellow zones) where areas are monitored for changes in infection rates, and Level B (red zones) for areas under high alert due to increased number of infections.  The Level B 'red zone' areas will include Attica, Evia, Boeotia, Magnisia, Santorini, Mykonos, Halkidiki, Zakynthos and areas of Achaia (Patras) Laconia (Sparta) and Crete (Agios Nicolaos).  Ermionida and the Argolida region is designated a Level A (yellow zone) at the present time.

High schools, originally planned to open on Monday 1st February, will remain closed within the Level B (red zones) but will open elsewhere around the country.  However, middle schools will open across the country, even in the new 'red zone' areas.

Retail stores, which just recently opened for business in Greece, will face new restrictions within the 'red zones'.  Shops that sell clothes, shoes and jewellery will now require customers to make an appointment.  All other retail stores will operate on a curbside pick-up basis, called 'click away', where customers will have to do their shopping online or over the phone, then arrange a date and time to pick-up the item(s) from the store. Stores will not be open on Sunday 31st January, less than two weeks after they reopened.  Under the new two-tier measures, hairdressers and nail and beauty salons will remain open in all Level A and B areas.  Religious services are allowed, but only up to 9 people may attend them in red zone areas and up to 25 in yellow zone areas. 

Regarding the overnight curfews, the Level A (yellow zones) remain as 9:00pm until 5:00am.  In the Level B (red zones) the curfew will start at 6:00pm until 5:00am, apart from Attica from 9:00pm, as the restrictions would create havoc in traffic and transportation.  Travel between prefectures/regions is still prohibited throughout Greece.

On Friday 6th February, the Deputy Civil Protection Minister announced that the only stores to remain open on weekends in Attica, Thessaloniki and Halkidiki as of Saturday 6th February will be supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, petrol stations and pharmacies, which can operate between 7:00am and 5:00pm.  Traffic will be banned after 6:00pm.  On weekdays, retail stores and hair/beauty salons will continue to operate as before, closing at 8:00pm.  These measures will remain in place until 15th February.