New Sea Airport of Elefsina

A new Metropolitan Sea Airport will soon open in Elefsina.  The blueprints for the design of Elefsina's sea airport were released in 2019, designed in partnership with Pieris.Architects and Hellenic Seaplanes.  With its waterfront area, waterpark, conference centre and seaplanes that form part of the largest waterways and seaplane investment programme in Greece, reportedly to be completed and ready in 2021.  Currently under construction, the new sea airport is costing over 25 million euros and is expected to radically change the travel map of the area, making Elefsina, located just 20kms from the centre of Athens, a seaplane hub.  At the moment there are not enough connections between the various Aegean islands and Attica, limiting the domestic dispersion of tourists throughout Greece.

The Greek islands will finally be connected by a network of seaplanes, which will boost tourism by making travel between different holiday destinations easier.  Most importantly, it will improve healthcare by ensuring faster transportation of patients from the islands to hospitals on mainland Attica, in addition to facilitating better postal services and transportation of permanent residents of the numerous islands of Greece.  The Elefsina sea airport and its numerous facilities has already contributed to the creation of 2,000 new jobs and is predicted to attract new tourism investments and infrastructure development along to the previously neglected port of Elefsina, that despite its rich history, has long been overlooked.

We will have to wait and see which coastal towns of Argolida and the Argo-Saronic islands will benefit from this new development.