Mask Wearing Relaxed

On Wednesday 18th May 2022 the Greek Health Minister announced that obligatory mask wearing in most areas will be suspended from Wednesday 1st June until Thursday 15th September 2022.  Masks will no longer be odligatory in all transport with numbered seats on airplanes, trains, KTEL Inter-City buses and all retail stores, including supermarkets.  Masks will continue to be obligatory in all healthcare facilities including hospitals, health centres, and elderly care homes as well as urban transport links for buses, trolleys and the metro.  The government still advises and recommends people continue wearing masks, especially in crowded areas.  Mask wearing measures for schools, ships and ferries will be decided next week by the Greek government.

This news comes after the European Union Aviation Agency and the European Centre for Desease Prevention Control announced that travellers will no longer be required to wear face masks on airplanes and at airports as of Monday 16th May 2022.  However, it should be noted that the new rules will continue to vary by airline beyond that date.

On Wednesday 25th May 2022, the Greek Government agreed to abolish the mandatory mask rule for the education sector, which will see the rule removed from schools, universities and all educational institutions as of 1st June 2022, exams excluded.

On Wednesday 1st June 2022, it was confirmed that facemasks must continue to be worn inside ferries, taxis and pharmacies throughout June, when the facemask measures will be reviewed again.