'Martis' welcomes Spring

The ancient tradition of Martis (from which the month of March is named) is celebrated from 1st March and welcomes the Spring season.  Martis dates back to the cults of Demeter and Persephone, based in Eleusis where the famous 'Eleusian Mysteries' were performed.  As a form of initiation into the secret cult, new initiates wore a bracelet called a kroki around their right hand and left ankle. The bracelet should be woven on the last day of February and must be made of white and red thread, the white thread symbolises purity while the red thread represents life and passion.  Part of the ancient tradition calls for the person wearing their bracelet to tie it to the first flowering tree they see in March, to yield a healthy harvest and keep the tree healthy. This ancient Martis tradition still lives on today in modern Greece.