Hellenic Seaplanes in Greece

The Greek government has given the go-ahead for seaplane companies to start 'Connecting Greece'. Hellenic Seaplanes S.A. is the leading seaplane company in Greece aiming to connect the country through seaports and lakes, solving transportation problems for those 'hard to reach' areas.  Hellenic Seaplanes are the same company that operate Hellenic Seaways which presently connect Ermioni with Spetses, Hydra, Poros and Piraeus with their 'Flying Dolphin' hydrofoil and 'Flying Cat' sea service.

Scheduled Flights - Hellenic Seaplanes plan to operate scheduled flights from Athens/Piraeus to all Greek islands, coastal ports and lakes where the current transportation system is inadequate and/or problematic.  Scheduled routes will be established based on the demand generated from the local communities.

Sightseeing Tours - Hellenic Seaplanes will perform scenic flights over the Greek Islands in combination with a variety of excursion packages that can be bought directly over the company's website.

Charter Flights - Hellenic Seaplanes provides the possibility of chartered flights with a seat capacity of up to 19 passengers, in order to be quickly and safely transferred to their desired destinations.

Resort Transfers - Hellenic Seaplanes could provide air transport from their designated ports to specific resort destinations, given the fact that the resorts have the proper infrastructure to accomodate the aircraft.

Cargo Sevices - Hellenic Seaways will have a cargo service available on demand, for packages up to 30 Kg maximum allowed weight, on scheduled flights.  The company is also in the process of forming agreements with international cargo companies and commissioning aircraft with cargo configuration specifically for this purpose.

Hellenic Seaplanes plan to start with 10 new Twin Otter "Series 400" aircraft (pictured above) growing to 20 by the first year of operation. The latest Series 400 incorporates 200 modifications and improvements to the original plane design. The Twin Otter aircraft is highly maneuverable and versatile, ideally suited to operate in all conditions and climates. The aircraft has a fixed undercarriage which can be adapted for operation with wheels, skis or floats. The plan is to establish and operate 100 hydrodromes around the islands and coastline of Greece.  A total national network could be established in co-operation with other seaplane companies.

It is understood that if Hellenic Seaplanes were to connect Athens/Piraeus with Ermioni, the journey time would only be 45 minutes, with a one way ticket price of approximately 70 Euros.  Although this is to be confirmed, it looks like the spirit of adventure lives on.


The Hellenic Seaplanes service between Piraeus and Ermioni has now been approved by the Mayor of Ermionida.  Plans are already underway for the landing area to be selected and finalised, with scheduled flights planned to commence by Summer 2020.