Ermioni Post Office Closure

The Hellenic Post Office in Ermioni will officially close from Monday 23rd October 2023.  There had been rumours of the Ermioni ELTA Post Office branch closure for a couple of years now, but the doors finally closed for business on Friday 20th October 2023, after serving the public of Ermioni and the surrounding areas for over thirty years from this ELTA office branch building. Ermioni residents will now have to travel over to the Hellenic Post Office in Kranidi, 10kms away, situated on the back streets of the upper town.  Unless you use the internet, residents of Ermioni now have nowhere to pay their bills, as the two former branches of the National Bank of Greece and the Piraeus Bank permanently closed a number of years ago, also leaving their branches in Kranidi as their only nearby choice. 

Although it's not clear, it seems that letter post might still be delivered to citizens homes in Ermioni, and some arrangements are being discussed with local retailers to have a small Post Office located within their present businesses.  The sign on the locked Post Office doors refers all customers to the Kranidi branch, and anyone who had a Post Office collection box key will be able to continue this facility in Kranidi.  For parcel sending and collection, people will have to travel to Kranidi, or arrange to use a private courier service.  It is not clear if the Hellenic Postal Service will open a smaller Post Office at another location in Ermioni in the future, but at the moment, there is no plan.  The Ermioni Post Office offered its previous customers ease of parking when visiting the branch, which people will not find in Kranidi.  Kranidi has now become the only ELTA Post Office service within Ermionida.  

The old Post Office building was internally remodelled and reopened as a doctors surgery in March 2024.  The doctor, relocated from a side street further along the Limani waterfront to a more promenant position, specialises in blood tests and treatment.