2nd phase Covid-19 restrictions

Following recent record daily spikes of Coronavirus cases throughout Greece and Europe, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced new measures to combat Covid-19 for one month commencing Tuesday 3rd November 2020.  

1) Use of masks everywhere, indoor and outdoors.  2) Daily curfews from 12:00 midnight to 05:00 in the morning.  3) Complete distance learning in universities.  4) No gatherings.

In the Low Risk Zones like Ermionida, Argolida and the Peloponnese, only the 4 restrictions above apply.

In the High Risk Zones (Athens, Attica, Thessaloniki and Northern Greece) the operation of all dining areas is suspended, except for home deliveries and receiving a receipt from the store.  This also applies to all places of entertainment, culture and sports - bars, cafes, cinemas, indoor gyms, theatres and public and private museums, although outdoor archaeological sites will remain open.  Unlike the first wave of Coronavirus restrictions in the Spring, travel outside the prefecture is not prohibited.  Prime Minister Mitsotakis added that compared to the first phase of Covid-19, movement without the need to send messages is allowed, retail stores will remain open and schools will operate normally.  Businesses such as hotels and hairdressers will remain open, as the data there shows that the problem is under control. 

A mandatory 2-week lockdown for residents of Thessaloniki was announced on 2nd November.

Many other European countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom have already imposed severe measures and restrictions, or will begin in the next week.