2nd Lockdown Extended

The Greek Government has announced that the 2nd Nationwide Lockdown restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 will be extended until Thursday 7th January 2021*.  The lockdown extension was expected as the number of new infections remains steadily at 2,000 to 3,000 cases and the deaths are around 100 every day, despite the second, stricter lockdown that began on 7th November.  Northern Greece has been hit the hardest during the second wave of the pandemic.  During the last 24 hours, 633 new infections were recorded in Thessaloniki alone, with some patients being transfered to Athens to ease the situation.  As of today, the number of cases in Greece now stands at 99,306, with 99 new deaths being recorded, bringing the number of fatalities in the country since March to 2,001.

* The second national lockdown was originally meant to end on 30th November, but was extended until 7th December, as cases and deaths related to the Covid-19 virus in Greece continued to remained high.  On 3rd December this second lockdown was extended until 14th December 2020.  On 7th December the second lockdown was extended until 7th January 2021 and again until Monday 11th January 2021.  On 8th January the second lockdown was extended until Monday 18th January 2021.