OPHELIA - Jul '17

Tiny little OPHELIA - Her story . . . I was abandoned by my mummy.  She didn't live long.  I was left on my own as a tiny baby, starving and trying to survive. I had some siblings, but I don't know what happened to them.  They vanished.  It was a Thursday morning and the town of Ermioni was full of tourists and locals alike.  I cried loudly, as I thought someone would hear my cries, but sadly because of the hustle and bustle, I was ignored.  Being so tiny, I knew that I would die soon.  I needed food, warmth and love. I was so cold, even though it was pretty mild outside. Then out of the blue, something strange happened.  I was lifted and held tightly.  I was hugged and kissed. I was held so tightly to a kind humans' chest.  It felt so warm and so comfortable.  I didn't know what was going to happen next either.  I was put into a basket, there was a warm furry blanket surrounding me, and I was taken away.

For the first time in my tiny life, I felt so snug.  I was taken home, where I was sniffed at by some bigger cats and some other little ones, but older than me. They were curious.  I crawled on a warm floor, I didn't feel cold anymore.  I was fed with some nice warm milk.  My tummy felt nice and warm.  I was happy, because I knew there was a chance for me.  As the weeks went by, I got stronger and stronger.  It was nice playing with my new friends, they loved me and welcomed me and I finally became one of them.  Then the time came when I had to leave Greece, because I was lucky and had been given a chance.  I was wanted and adopted by a lovely man.  I arrived and he was the kindest man ever who loved me so much.  He has a dog which has now become my big best friend, my protector, and he will make sure no-one harms me every again. There are so many strays in Greece, that sadly are not given the same chance as me.  I know that these kind humans will try to help them, and continue making a huge difference to as many as possible.

 . . . Time spent with cats is never wasted - Sigmund Freud . . .

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