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Hello and warm greetings to everyone from Bohdan and Elaine  

We are a British couple now living in the traditional 'old village' part of Ermioni since 2005.  We have always been in love with the country, its rich history and captivating culture, ever since our very first Greek holiday experience in 1978.  We originally created our ermioni.info website in 2009 to show and describe the small coastal town of Ermioni and its surrounding areas.  The travel guides at the time described Ermioni as a small fishing village, only worth spending a couple of hours of your time. That was certainly not how we felt about Ermioni.

We had many telephone calls and emails from potential visitors asking us what Ermioni was like and what there was to do there.  Although we were able to explain and describe what Ermioni was like, we felt that if visitors were able to actually see images of the town and what went on here throughout the year, it would be far more informative than a long verbal description.  Over 95% of the images on our site are ours as we believe a picture is worth a thousand words.

As we originally came here as visitors ourselves, we feel we can capture the feeling of the place and the way we originally felt about Ermioni as visitors.  Most people will agree that it is totally different from visiting a place to actually living there, but we have never forgotten how we both felt on our first visit here.

The town was charming in its simplicity, had not been ruined by mass tourism, was still typically Greek but receptive and friendly to foreigners.  Visitors to Ermioni are not the typical European 'beach tourists', the town thankfully attracts a different type of visitor.  Some people say it is because Ermioni does not have a beach, and yet it is surrounded by some of the best sandy beaches in the Ermionida area.  Even today, most visitors that come to Ermioni are Greek.  We think that anyone who wants to experience the true authentic Greece will not be disappointed, as many visitors to Ermioni enjoy their vacations and continue to return year after year.

We are very proud of our website, as in creating its content over the years, it has enabled us to meet some wonderful people, hear their stories and experience and share in their historic festivals and local traditions.  Although we will always be 'foreigners', we have been made welcome and feel a small part of their community.  The ermioni.info site continues to be a 'work-in-progress' as we continue to expand and update the information we supply, and feel that our website can answer the many questions and enquiries that visitors ask us, or provide them with the information they seek.

The ermioni.info site we helped to design, organize and create is primerily an image-driven information site.  It offers a description of Ermioni, details of places to visit and properties available to rent or buy in the Ermionida area and the nearby islands of Spetses and Hydra.  Featuring background information from Ancient Hermione to the present feline inhabitants of this unique historic town.

We hope you enjoy ermioni.info and your visit to Ermioni will leave you with fond and happy memories of this very special place.

Bohdan and Elaine  


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