The Charity process

I have realized that the only way I will succeed in achieving my aspirations with ALL the GreekSTRAYS here within my region of Greece, is to work tirelessly and achieve Charity Status.  I know this will be a long process and I am aware that it will not created financial gain in any way quickly.  All of this is going to take time. Towards the end of March '16, I wrote to many organisations asking for help in how does one go about setting up an animal charity or Non Profit Organisation.  The website is full of information, but I hate having to crawl through pages and pages of information.  It becomes a huge mental overload.  

My breakthrough came through towards the end of March '16 and it all happened as a result of more searching.  I casually wrote to an International Worldwide Charity, and the day after received a reply.  A comprehensive reply I might add and one which was pretty negative, the CE didn't paint a rosy picture at all.  He laid everything down in a very realistic way.  That didn't deter me at all.  I have passion, determination and want to make a huge success towards my strays.  At this moment, I will keep this special person annonymous.  I don't want to reveal too much at this stage.  

Daringly, I replied back to his email and asked whether he would consider helping me.  I added that I would not be offended if he said no.  He replied back and said he would help me.  One will never know I elated I was.  Interestingly though, this particular morning, there was a black cat on a garage roof and even though, I did not know this cat at all, I just love black cats anyway, but this one was just staring and staring at me.  He looked lovely and immediately I thought of Tommy who was lost at Athens airport when we arrived to Greece to start our new life.  The pain and trauma of this experience still haunts me 10 years on.  My special person went one step further.   He invited me to his home in the South of England, for a cup of tea with all the felines.  His partner set up a charity for all the felines within the area. When I saw her website and her activities, this was exactly what I want to achieve for all my strays here in Greece.  It really is uncanny too, because where they live is so very close to where we used to live in the UK, and we used to explore these surrounding historical little towns and villages.  So within a few days, I would be off for tea with felines, I couldn't wait and was so excited.

The day came when I was on my journey to meet the owners.  Sadly though at the train station in London, all the trains had been cancelled due to a fatatlity at East Croydon train station, someone had decided to commit suicide.  It delayed everything for me this particular morning and would cut my time short in spending time with my people.  Anyway, 2 hours later, I finally arrived and met Alan at the train station.   It was so inspirational to see the way they operated.  They had over 200 rescued cats of all shapes and sizes and with different needs.  Every space in the cottage was filled with cats, cats and more cats.  The outdoor pens were lovely and housed even more cats.  In between all the purring, we managed to squash in and sit among the feline population to discuss more of my needs.  Alan was super and so was his wife.  They gave me leaflets, they guided me in to what might work for me and discussed other options for me to consider.  I had to start getting my objectivies on paper.  Alan did promise that he would look at my drafts and advise what was missing, or anything that I needed to add.  I knew I would need help in drafting my charities objectives/governing documents, but it had to be done.  Liz's charity cost over £200,000 to run and this is funded purely on donations.  WOW!  I never for once imagined a charity costing so much to run.

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